30+ year old boat restored

30+ year old boat restored

This boat was my uncles brothers boat from the 1970s, couldn't find too much information on it but it was sitting outside for over 20+ years and left to the elements. There was once a canvas cover on it, but that had since rotted away. We had to shovel dirt and decomposing material out of it.
Giving it a good rinse after digging out the muck.
Decided to leak test the boat to see if it was even worth salvaging.
Bad leak coming from the front (keel) spine area. It must have hit something in the past and bent the keel bad enough to spring a good sized leak.
After letting it dry we went over it with a wire brush and scraper to remove any loose paint and caked on grime.
Don't have pictures of drilling and reriveting the raised keel/spine area. After that I went over it with something called marinetex. This stuff dries on hard. If you look closely you can see where the spine is bent (that's where the rivets were loose and aluminum was slightly cracking)
Sealed some seeping rivets with it too
After prepping the boat with sanding/grinding/brushing etc.,

The original trailer…I found a sticker that said montgomery ward….I realized it needed new wheels on the trailer as the old ones were rotted out. Turns out the bearings needed to be replaced as well. I went for the cheaper route which was to replace the bearings and races while keeping the old hubs…bad idea. It took over 2 hours of hammering the old ones out and new ones in. If I had to do it all over again I would just buy a new set of hubs and bearings.

First coat of primer on the inside
First coat of top coat. I used Rustoleum topcoat for marine applications
second coat
more cleaning/marinetexing
first coat of primer
might as well primer the trailer while I'm at it
second coat of paint
painted the trailer too
finished painting
now time to work on the seats and decking
just cut some plywood to fit, thought I could add some flooring to make it easier to walk on.
After all the pieces were cut, its time for some outdoor carpet!
almost done
Amazingly, when working on this project a friend called and wanted to sell me his perfectly good trolling motor, fishfinder, and battery charger. I got it all for $200.
Heres the good mounted (no electrical has been run yet)
Boat needs a new transom cap…had to cut a new board for the engine too. All sealed up.

Also added some new trailer lights.

Pretty Much finished
Installed a bimini top from ebay for some shade. I think it looks better with it on! The outboard motor was kept in the garage and not started for over 20 years as well. Just changed the spark plugs, oil, and gear oil. It started after 20 pulls!
Source : bcell4u from Reddit