3d-rendered a table and then built it

3d-rendered a table and then built it

3d render of the intended result

We wanted something that was the perfect size to play board games on, and that fit nicely with our sofa.
Another angle. Renderer is FStorm, software is 3ds max

Explode-y view

Chiseling was the most tedious part of this. I NEVER get it right and there were many parts.

The joints were roughly cut out using the compound saw, then chiseled by hand.
Under carriage done!

You can see the cut-outs are mirrored along the piece for aesthetic reasons.
Test assembly

Grooves were routed out of the two oaken bench pieces

If you cut the groove in both pieces at the same time you get the exact height you want when you join them togehter.
A piece of thin plywood was glued in the groove to make it stronger

Regular indoor wood-glue was used.
The glue closest to the surface was mixed with oak sawdust

6mm plywood, sanded to fit into the groove better.

Smacking the two table-pieces together by hand is not enough, you need stronger stuff…

Belt-fasteners were used. Make sure to tighten the two pieces together, or else they might flip from the force of the belts.
Oiled with hard wax oil and done!

Three coats of hard wax oil, with some very light
Messy room, dirty cat

The joint is almost invisible

Cat tax, "paint me like one of your french girls"

Source : iLEZ from Reddit