50″ LED TV – $10 Re-Build

50" LED TV – turns 'on' and I could hear sound, but no picture 🙁 I have limited knowledge of electronics, but understand the basic concept of how TVs work… Because I can hear audio and not see a picture, means to me the issue is most likely the backlighting… something I think I can replace at little to no cost 😀
Taking the back off the TV… that's it. This is why TVs are so damn cheap these days. Not much to them anymore! Science is awesome.
Stripping it down piece by piece. Back and sides have been taken off, just left with the LCD panel… it's incredibly THIN and fragile.
Success! Removed the screen without damage. You can see how incredibly thin these screens are. Only 2mm in fact! Times that by 50inches and you've got a very nervous person trying to position it out of the way
I was in awe for some time marvelling at how far technology has come. The scientists and engineers who develop this stuff should rewarded monuments in their honour.
You can see the first of 3 diffusion layers… their job is to reflect and distribute the light evenly across the surface
The 3 diffusion layers stripped away FINALLY reveals the LED strips I assumed would be blown. After taking them out, I was disappointed that I couldn't find any obvious signs of fault. Oh well, gonna replace them anyway as they weren't working.
Bare canvas to install new LEDs
Almost forgot! This is the reflective sheet I am to attach my new LEDs to.
Old and presumably dead LED strips with the wiring taken out. These LEDs looked a lot beefier than my ones and had a sort of light amplifier shield on them.
Taking the power board off. The arrow shows where the old LED were connected. I will not be using this terminal as the power output greatly differs from the LEDs I'm about to install. I need to find a 12v source.
Great Success! I aim to hijack the 12v solder points you can see here. I'm pretty confident I'll get this badboy going at this stage… that's if I don't damage something putting it back together
I prefer working with wood any day! You wouldn't want me to be your surgeon #shakyhands #toomuchcoffee
Good enough! Points are soldered on! The soldering iron brushed against the plastic shield… oops
Bought this 10m LED strip roll months back for $5 from China. In theory, it should do the trick. Fingers crossed
Crude Test Success! I cut a small length and attached it to the 12v output power source I hijacked. Now I just need to add enough strips to fill the back and produce enough light to bring out the picture on the screen
messy LED strips complete!
I later discovered I would need another 5 rows to produce enough light… these strips aren't as strong as the originals.
Testing the LED strip circuit I made. Every computer runs on 12v so I grabbed an old PC power supply unit and hooked it up to the strips. Works great! I later added another 5 rows to make it brighter
Added another 5 rows and an extra strip on the left and right side to really fill the bedding. I guess the glass caps on the old LEDs distributed the light more evenly
Final test before installing – The light is bright and a lot more even now 😀
LED lights off…
LED lights on… 😀
New cable soldered in place ready to connect to the new LEDs
All put back together and ready to test!
SUCCESS!! $10 – 50" inch TV installed and working as new. If you look closely, you can just see where the LED strips are that I installed. This isn't noticeable when watching regular TV. Happy days
Homeless screws left over… there's always some. Thanks for viewing!