Blade Runner Blaster Prop Toy Conversion

Blade Runner Blaster Prop Toy Conversion

It all started here.

I was able to find this base toy at Ali Express:

It's a fascinating toy because it takes great pains to be both very accurate to the prop in the movie and also very inaccurate, perhaps for copyright reasons? I don't know.

Either way it makes a great starting point. Better than some other toys I've seen people use for this project.


After taking it to pieces I was able to plan my attack. I started to fill elements using Apoxie Sculpt, a two part clay that hardens in a couple hours. It's ideal stuff as you can shape it very smooth with just water and then when hard you can sand or machine it. This was my first project using it and now I LOVE the stuff.
3d Printed Parts

In the interest of time I decided to just have inserts printed for the void left by the large ring of "bullets" the toy had. These came from shapeways and for my purposes were fine.
Slowly adding elements.

Using Apoxie Sculpt I began to add elements. I also played with the idea of sculpting the new trigger guard.
More Apoxie Sculpt.

And More Apoxie Sculpt

The Slider

I had to add and remove some elements from the top slider.
Trigger Guard

I decided to by some styrene for model making and heat bend it into the appropriate shape.
First Pass of Krylon

I used a black Krylon Fusion for my base coat.
Already Looks Decent.

Grip Painted and Second Trigger Installed.

I regret that this doesn't have a clear amber grip, but I was limited in time and money.
Rub n Buff Pass

This first pass of rub and buff added the gun metal elements. Rub N Buff is a bit trick and it took several passes to get somewhere that was even acceptable to me. It's still far from perfect.
Adding Bolt Lever

I fashioned a rough form bolt lever out of Apoxie Sculpt.
LED Installation

I installed the LEDs on each element.
Sanding Bolt Lever

Bolt lever was sanded down and finalized before being hit with Rub N Buff.
Final Electrical Installation

This is the crappiest electronics wiring I've ever done but I was pressed for time. Literally completed the night before Halloween.
"Memories… You're talking about memories…"

Completed, to the best of my expectations anyways.
"You're not cop, you're little people"

This is the first prop replica I've attempted and I think it turned out pretty good! The project consumed me for about a month so I'm happy to finally have it done and my desk cleaned off for the next project.

I think I've had my fill of prop guns. I have my sights set on a Tricorder next.

Thanks for looking!

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