Built a Murphy Bed

Built a Murphy Bed

Finished Product w/ Bed Up

I just moved into a big open loft type apartment. I enjoyed the open-format layout of the loft, no walls, just one big open space, but I was kind of not digging how anyone who came over was basically welcomed into my bedroom. It just felt too personal. I knew I wanted a murphy bed, but I also wasn't digging the strange massive box in the wall look that most of them have, I knew I wanted to disguise it.

At the same time, the new place also didn't have closets, which meant I had to get creative with storage. It has these very tall 11ft ceilings so I knew I wanted to pack extra stuff up high if possible. I was browsing through craigslist when I saw an ad for a rolling library ladder and it all came to me.

My best friend Michelle helped me with the planning and design of it and we spend a good week back and forth between Home Depot to make it happen.

Bed down, ready to go to sleep

It's actually really comfy and sturdy. I love sleep a lot and it's a problem sometimes, so it's good to be able to put the bed away and lock it so I make it difficult to default to it.

I intend on replacing the curtains with a false book facade drawer face that might look better, I need the storage space to hide all my junk but the curtains don't work too well to hold it all in. If I use actual books, theres not enough room behind them for my stuff.

Original Plan

I originally wanted it to come out along the other wall for a wardrobe but there wasn't enough space.

It's okay though, I like the symmetry better.

Laying out the wood needed and the cuts we'd need to make

It took forever to get the right measurements and break them down into fitting on as few sheets of plywood as possible.
Frame, check

I based all the measurements for the rest of the unit considering that I'd be building a standard murphy bed first and then basically building off of it. I got a murphy bed kit from wallbed.com which helped with the bed part.
Starting to look like a bed?

The wallbed kit came with all the mechanisms for the "murphy" part of the bed as well as a neat fold down leg bar so I could hide it away.
Testing out the hinge

Michelle bravely testing the sturdiness.
Basic murphy bed build at this point

I got the hardware for the Murphy Bed part from wallbed.com
Uh oh.

Was trying to find studs to secure the bed to, but it looks like theres a layer of wood lath behind the sheetrock, I used a ridiculous amount of toggle bolts to secure it.

Edit: There are studs that this is attached to as well, but the stud finder was thrown off by the lath and made me drill a lot of unnecessary holes that I then toggled for extra security.

Building shelves

This is where I had to start mounting pieces to the murphy bed to make a singular unit.
Pocket holes for days

While all of the shelf units are also secured to the wall, I bought a nifty pocket hole tool to secure them to the murphy bed.
Shelves going in

Making cupboards

I don't have any closets, so these will hold all the stuff I don't need on a daily basis.

The wall behind the unit isn't actually all flat, so I had to adjust the left side so the shelves aren't as deep.


About all in

Framing the library rail supports

I marked out points along the unit where i installed extra secure studs to attach the library ladder railing to.
Cheap molding worked well here

I had to cut so many squares of the exact same size to look like drawers

These needed to be super precise and my circular saw wasn't good enough so I rented a table saw. I couldn't actually fit it into my apartment so I had to attach it to my car battery with an inverter and cut on the streets of New York. I looked like a crazy person.

I used 1/8" tile spacers to ensure consistency. They worked surprisingly well!

…and the bottom shelves

Coming along.

/r/hailcorporate support for Casper Mattresses. The perfect height and weight to fit with some extra room to store pillows behind it, but also weighty enough to counter balance the gas-springs.
Base coat of primer to prime the wood for paint.

3 coats of black.

Bought remarkably cheap hardware from aliexpress

I was impatient and wanted to see how they looked before I finished painting.

Looking real good

Okay, almost there.

I've retouched the paint along the way so it's not so splotchy anymore.
Installing shelves by myself meant I had to get creative for support.

Awwww yeah

I had some issues fitting in the two functional bottom drawers, but I've since fixed them.
Ladder installed

Finished, but still empty

Source : ClyneKP from Reddit