kids car garage

Built my 3yr old son a garage for his birthday – I’m an all thumbs kinda guy

Finished product

I'm fucking proud of this work – but please tell me if I've done something wrong and this thing is going to kill my son in some bizarre way.

It still needs to be painted, and I'm also going to put some stone under the OSB-board on the ground, to try preventing it to rot.

Some planks. I put some effort into making sure the corners were aprox. right angle, as I thought this would become kinda important later.

Later someone pointed out to me that I should have measured the diagonals for some reason, but I didn't.

Also, I had to start the build on my terrace, as the ground was still frozen so I couldn't dig out the fundament. So I planned to build in modules and carry it down later.

A board. OSB board. Thought it was easier than other flooring. It's sturdy.
Another board.
I'm quite sure this is the same picture as the one above.
I made a wall. Or at least a framework for a wall.
Again, quite sure these pictures are identical. Maybe one are HDR?
And another framework.
Yeah, that went kinda shit. I didn't have the right saw, so I ended up using a handsaw. It'll do. I used a shitload of screws to make it stay put in the final assemble.
Some roof-beams 😀 All of the framework is in 2'x4' btw.
Some boards again.
Try to spot the difference.
Cladding. And here I had to stop before I could get the garage to it's final destination and resting place.
Wood are fucking heavy. Almost broke my back, terrace and build getting it here, but it all worked out. Everything is still pretty much in water or/and right angle.
Some more cladding.
Doors are important to stop the icebears from joyriding my son's car.
I need two of those doors.
Pretty sure those images are identical.
Tada. Finished product. I put on some roof-shingle, but forgot to take a picture of that. Also I put some cornices on here and there for good measure, and to please my wife.
Not identical picture. (Hint: Tractor)
My son's pride and joy.
The gas pump doesn't actually pump gas. It's actually a toy.
Woop! Please tell me what you think 🙂 Thanks for watching!
Source : dogeuppity from Reddit