Rusty axe-head and its broken handle salvaged

Rusty axe-head and its broken handle salvaged and ended up going down a DIY rabbit-hole.

Completed project first (on left). This is the earliest photo I have. Digging around my dad's shed one day I found a dirty, rusty axe-head and its corresponding broken handle. I asked my dad about them and he told me that it was his Grandfather's. I decided to see if I could somehow salvage it […]

Asado cross for cooking a pig

Asado cross for cooking a pig (NSFL if you don’t like meat that looks like animal)

WITNESS!!!. Here is the gratuitous opening shot of this DIY. Enter if you dare! It should be mentioned that this pig had an delightfully luxurious life right up until it was killed for our food. And we ate the whole thing. Painstakingly designed by computer. To begin this project, I made some absolutely abysmal drawings […]

My first knife

My first knife

Finished image first I learnt most of the process here from youtube videos. Gough Customs: Walter Sorrels: Design I used google sketchup to draw out my design. I searched through some existing designs to find one I like. This is type is called a drop point because of the shape of the tip. […]

Copper lamp 2.0

Ok, I learned my lesson. Copper lamp 2.0

So last time I was here, I posted this . and you guys (rightfully) tore me apart for not grounding/earthing the whole thing. Come on, I thought, how often do you see a earthed lamp? I hand waved you guys to the back of my mind. Well, after some months I maybe, might've, kinda […]