Coasters made from maps

Coasters made from maps

Tracing the Maps

I first decided which section of each map I wanted to use , and then traced it using the tiles that would eventually be coasters
There were 8 tiles in total, and it was difficult to choose which maps I wanted to use for the project
All cut out and ready for gluing

I used mod podge to adhere the map pieces to the tile, then applied another mod podge coat on top to protect the paper from the enamel layer in the next step. Before the second coat I also used an xacto knife to shave away stray and uneven edges.
Taping the edges

Before I poured on the enamel, I put tape along the bottom edges to protect the tile from stray drips.
Before pouring, I placed each tile on a paper cup so that the enamel would spill all the way to the edges without sticking the coasters to the cardboard.
Had to use lots of cardboard for protection and work in a ventilated garage!

I used EnviroTex Lite pour-on coating for this project and it worked splendidly. $10 worth from Amazon was more than enough to cover 8 coasters.
EnviroTex will completely waterproof the coasters, preserving the delicate maps while giving them a crisp and clean look.

The coating comes in two bottles and must be meticulously combined before pouring.
Poured and covered

I then poured the mixture over each tile and used a small piece of cardboard to ensure it was spread evenly over each corner.

After pouring, tiny bubbles rise in the enamel. To pop them I had to breathe gently over the coasters; the carbon dioxide in my breath pops them easily.

Laying out to dry

Now I had to wait 72 hours for the enamel to fully dry. I placed them indoors to avoid dust from my garage.
Removing the Tape

After the Envirotex was completely dried, I removed the tape and leftover drips. The final step (of which I unfortunately don't have photos) was cutting out felt and using rubber cement to attach them and protect the bottoms.
All done!

I LOVED the way these turned out. It is a functional way to remember my travels around Europe. The total coast of the project was about $14, $10 for the Envirotex and $4 for the tiles. I already the had mod podge and brushes.
The finish looks great

The Envirotex took this project to the next level as far as appearance and durability.
Can you guess the cities?

(From top left) Amsterdam, Athens, Vienna, Berlin
Can't seem to pick a favorite!

(From top left) Paris, Bilbao, Zurich, Milan
Source : GoldenBaby from Reddit