DIY Board and Batten

DIY Board and Batten

Finally finished!!!!!

Finished picture first, i'm so glad it turned out well because i was pretty sure i had decided to burn my house down if i ended up screwing it up while painting.

I forgot to take a total before picture so the only thing I had done at this point was to paint above the chair rail. the whole wall used to be the ugly beige below the rail.
Another before

shows a better look at the wall and this is what led me to my decision to cover the wall with hardboard to get a nice flat surface instead of just adding the battens and repainting the drywall. Which would have made the project a bit much easier but I wouldn't have been happy with it.
Off with the chair rail!

Time to get rid of that awful trim that had been painted and repainted by blind raccoons for 40 years before I bought the house
Greatest tool in history

Simply put greatest tool in history.
its multi-directional too! twice the features for one low low price!!! Note: I was not sponsored by warner painting tools but would gladly sell myself out if they are interested.
Next up my super impressive workshop…work..patio…at least it's flat and concrete and i get an excuse to play video games when it rains so i don't you know die. Prepping the hardboard to be put up. I'm so glad I used it. Really cheap and having an actual flat surface to work from looks so much better.
Staging all of the cut pieces of hardboard so I can just affix them all at once. And yes I know having an ethernet cord as a tripping hazard while working with power tools might make OSHA uncomfortable but one project at a time! And the attic is hot and full of spiders probably…
This picture isn't exactly productive but our cats like to show off and who am i to say they shouldn't get time too.
more progress attaching the hardboard to the drywall
and let there be glue! so much liquid nails and brad nails
cutting out the outlet was a lot easier than I thought it would be and I even got it right the first time. I also cheated and used a laser level that I mounted to the door behind it and shined it directly onto the screw in the center of the wall plate then put the board up and marked it. highly recommended technique because lasers.
and at this point I think the fumes were getting to me…moving on…
I went with 4 inch battens for the top layer and individual battens. I started in a small corner just to make sure I liked the size before doing the rest.
moving onto the battens same process: glue, nail, inhale fumes, repeat.
nail. I did them close together near the top as I was going to cover that with cove molding and a small shelf to finish it off and farther apart near the bottom so I would only have to fill 1,000 holes instead of over 9,000.
The top runner is going in pretty well. The cat's new least favorite thing on earth is the air compressor.
Progress! I did 2 inch battens on each side of the outer corner so it's still a 4 inch total batten. And I mitered all of the corners because I hate myself.
nothing special here just more stupid corners
Finished with the battens! Time for the base board
Decided to buy new baseboards because the old ones were in the same shape as the chair rail, aka terrible. Didn't really get any pictures of the install but that's nothing special.
i hate myself. Actually I did this on purpose…sort of, the old base boards were set too high and they had a really awkward gap that looked terrible. That being said I didn't notice that until after I put all of the top runner and battens on and when I was putting the baseboard on i figured out i'm an idiot. Oh well nothing is stopping me now there is like 10 tubes of liquid nails securing everything to the walls. So i just had to make 26 individually sized shims….did i mention i wanted to burn my house down yet?
shims. and if anyone from OSHA is watching no I didn't turn it on like this I used a push stick and a feather board on the wider stuff because my table saw is the most terrifying thing I have ever used in my entire life, because i happen to like all of my fingers.
I forgot to take pictures of the other shims but I was pretty proud of the mitered ones, they turned out really well.
Next up deciding how to cap it off. Ended up with just regular cove molding and an mdf shelf so there would be 1/8th inch overhang past the cove.
my walls aren't square or plumb. This step sucked. 43 1/2 degrees was the magic number for most of them. So much rage.
but damn if it isn't actually coming together!
top ledge is going in. I messed up the flatness on a few of them but was able to fix it with a sander and putty.
more ledge and my handy tool shelf
underside of the ledge showing the cove
so much putty
We'll there's no going back now! I bought a paint sprayer for this and another project but this was the first actual project I ever used it on so it was very much trial by fire and the first wall sucked much much more then the last one. plus hanging plastic sucks too.
not sure if primer or first coat of actual paint.
first coat sanded down and second coat applied
more finished
It's so much brighter in the hallway now, definitely worth it.