DIY low budget vintage chandelier

DIY low budget vintage chandelier

Final result

Sorry for my bad english in the description..
My Materials

I wanted to keep the budget low, so all my Items are from a construction market. But you can also or better use old milk bottler
bulbs constitution

strip the cable

I cutted this cable into 2 small and one big one.

aaand keep on strip all ends

I dont know the english word for it…

I did this after I connected all ends.. Maybe I should have made a plan.

This is how it has to look.

First light test.

It was my first time doing something with electric, so I could not stop testing it.

I wanted a rough dark wood, but I didn't have anough money to spent, so this will be good enough first.

Now it isn't wood, but it's dark.

Little holes

Yeah! pretty close

Last step

Aaaand I am done. It took me 3 hours to make. The next time I will make a plan first and get some old bottles and wood.

It looks good in my room. My dimmer switch makes it much more pretty. Thanks for reading

Source : Robinyolo from Reddit