DIY pair of speakers out of a few IKEA salad bowls

DIY pair of speakers out of a few IKEA salad bowls

Results first.

I got this idea for these speakers from the internet (this Danish guy and decided to give it a go. The reasoning behind this was that I got rid of my tower speakers because they weren't compatible with our three cats and I got tired of lifting the speakers back up from the floor all the time. I started looking for new and smaller speakers and got the idea of trying to build a pair myself. I had never done anything like this, so it felt intriguing. This whole project started back in february 2016 and I worked on it here and there when I had the time. It was finally finished six months later in late august. Total costs for the pair ended up being roughly 210 EUR. Now, if I had all the parts ready, the building process would probably take a day or two to complete (paint job not included).

My next audio project is going to concentrate on building a subwoofer for these two. It will probably take a bit longer as I have zero experience building these things and I have to do some research first.

IKEA's Blanda Matt bowl (20cm)

Four bowls are needed for the two speaker enclosures. These cost about 12,50EUR per bowl back when I bought them.
Setup for the sawing.

I used this small foldable workbench to keep the bowl secured. The pink hue is from a UV-light hanging above our chili and tomato seedlings.
Have you seen a saw?

The only saw I saw is the saw I saw with.
Bottom of the first bowl sawed off.

After two bowls had their bottoms sawed off, it was time to sand the edges and surface of all bowls. I also made marks for the screw holes.
Binding posts

I ordered these binding posts from eBay. The cost was about 6,50EUR for two pairs.
Testing out the binding post position.

I used a 4mm drill bit to drill the holes
Holes drilled for the speaker screws.

Fitting the speaker.

The speaker element I used is a Tangband W4-657D. Price was around 35EUR per speaker. I ordered these from Germany and the total cost ended up being 90EUR.

I used epoxy and a hot glue for the first speaker. The glue gun turned out to be a mistake as the glue cooled off way too quickly.
The results of the first glueing.

A huge gap was left between the bowls because of the hot glue's premature hardening. I ended up ripping the bowls apart, removing the old glue and using only epoxy on the whole thing.
Test-fitting the speaker bowls.

They were starting to look better than I had anticipated, which in turn made me raise the bar regarding the looks of the speakers. Hard times ahead…
Initial draft of the legs (Paint)

This was my initial idea for what I wanted for the legs. I bounced around a few different ideas (such as a ring under the bowl etc.) but I liked this one best. Little did I know, that the search for suitable legs would take so long.

After a huge amount of time looking (roughly 4 months), I finally found some leg candidates for the speakers that were both functional and pleased my eye. I found these particular drawer knobs from a local store and ended up choosing the one on the left. This project was practically at a standstill until I found these.
Leg screws fitted with stop bolts.

Ready for a paint job.

The legs fit perfectly! A friend of mine promised to do the paint job for me.
Paint job done.

These ended up getting a white high gloss finish. My friend did an absolutely amazing job. My painting skills would've probably resulted in something resembling a white orange. The seam was also filled with putty and sanded before painting. Images from the painting process are still coming, so I'll have to add an update later.
Close up

I added roughly 160 grams of lamb's wool inside the speakers (80g per speaker) before attaching the speaker element in place. Unfortunately I don't have pictures from the attaching process, but it basically required me to solder two wires to the speaker and connect them to the terminal posts. Then I just stuffed the enclosure full with wool (not too tight though) and screwed the speaker element in place.
Side view

Bonus picture: our pregnant bengal

Day 57.
Source : Teredo from Reddit