Doctor Who Tardis Air Compressor Enclosure

The Compressor Problem

I got a great deal on an 80-gallon three-piston air compressor for my shop. I installed it on a pad out behind the shop so that I wouldn't have to listen to it while it operates, but that means my neighbors would have to instead.
The dimensions of the pad I poured and the height of the eave gave me the idea of building my own TARDIS as a shack around the compressor.
The Lamp

This cheap $5 lamp from a hardware store helped inspire the idea. The air compressor shack would have to be undersized, so the somewhat small size of the glass works well.
The Lamp

I removed the riveting that held the lamp together and rearranged it to test, looks like I can make something of it.
Planing wood

Ended up engaging a friend to help. He's a master woodworker so he had the tools and experience to do this safely. We went through old piles of dunnage and other scrap and started planing wood to use before buying new stuff.
Building the Corners

Since this is a functional structure we intentionally overbuilt the corners. 2×6 pine, cut and shaped to make a perfect corner, then routed to radius the edges were needed, with plywood glued and bradded on to create the detail.
First Side

Once the columns were done, built one side to test dimensions…
First Side

…and glued thin strips of 1/4" Baltic Birch to make the rails and stiles.

Took two corners and the one panel home and tested for clearance.
It's close enough in back to not let someone get back there but far enough away to allow room to get connections in.

These I had to have made. After measuring the spacing and doing some scaling, ordered four Police Box signs and one Free for use of Public sign.
More Sides

Continued building side panels.

Bolted together, able to stand on its own.
Windows cut

Cut the windows, had to be very careful, but it turned out right.
Sign lights

Cut holes for the four sign lights. The lights are a short T8 fluorescent, one per sign.
Roof Support

Installed some structural wood to hold the roof.
Lights test-fit

Installed the lighting fixtures, made sure everything fit.
Roof first tier

Cut and fit the first piece of plywood for the roof. It fits.
Cut the hole in the roof for the second tier to sit on top of
Second tier structure

Started building structure to hold up the second tier with the flat pyramid panels
Assembling the light

Got some more pieces and put the light together.
The rods are round stock that has been tapped to thread into fasteners sunk into the wood.
Roof Assembly

Test-fitting the roof panels.
Roof from inside


On the way there.
Roof detail

The roof is a flat pyramid with the center replaced by a flat square. Getting the angles was tough, ended up having to fill some gaps and sand a lot.
Made box extensions for the four POLICE BOX signs
Signs on from back

Wood meets concrete

Used pressure-treated lumber for the lip at the bottom to keep the termites out.

Brought everything home and….
…started priming…
…and kept priming….
…and primed it until I was a madman with a white box.
First blue coat

started painting blue. One coat wasn't enough, too spotty.
Ended up painting it again after this.
Lights work

Wired it up and tested the lights.
The wiring

used FMC in case I throw a belt on the compressor, so that the wiring survives.

Temporarily set up for a party that night. Paint was only just dry.
A Vanity Shot

Another Vanity Shot

Even more Vanity Shots

Will these vanity shots end?

Okay, last one I swear!

Compressor installed

It was difficult to install it over the compressor but got it on in the end.
More wiring

Did some complex wiring. Motor draws less than 20A at 240V. Ran four circuits. Two for the compressor motor, one for the service light and 120V NEMA 5-20 receptacle, and one for the effects lights
Pilot Lamp

Used a pilot lamp on the switch for the compressor in the shop, so that I might remember to turn it off when I leave.
At Night

When the power is on the Police Box lights are on. When the pump actually runs the light on the top strobes. Either can be turned off with switches inside the shack, and the strobe normally is off.
Lookin' good!

Source : Donkey__Xote from Reddit