Egg Timer Time Lapse Pan System

Egg Timer Time Lapse Pan System

Finished Image First

As is tradition.
ASDA Egg Timer

First things first, buy a clockwork egg timer. This was a lot harder than I initially thought, I went to two £1 shops, B&M Bargains, Iceland and finally ASDA where I managed to find one for £3. I was a bit worried about this due to the angle it's at, but I took a punt and bought it.
Begin dismantling

Pulled off the rubber clock face which was friction fitted to the centre, to reveal part of the mechanism and the central spinning thing (the white part)
Whoops I'm upside down!

I unscrewed this screw, to see what was inside.

There's nothing in here! My worried of everything being at a funny angle were over. This is simply a small disk full of the clockwork stuff. With a bunch of space for aesthetics.
Getting to what I need

I removed these three screws to get to the guts of the timer. Once this was out I discarded everything else.
What I need

This little thing (about 50mm diameter) was all I really needed for this project. The rest was waste. Really easy to get to though.
3D Printed Parts

I designed a base and an adaptor for the timer which can be seen here. I don't have any progress shots of this unfortunately. But I do have the .STL files if anyone happens to have this specific egg timer. The adaptor is the important part. It features a cutout on the base to fit over the fitment for the original clock face, wings so I can wind up the mechanism, and a space for a bolt I found that matches a tripod thread.

NOTE: If you don't have access to a 3D printer, you could simply just glue the bolt to the mechanism directly. I only printed stuff because I own a printer personally.


Using a hot glue gun, I glued everything to everything else. A few dabs of glue holds the mechanism in the base, a little on the adaptor fits it snugly onto the central spindle (not quite necessary, I nailed the tolerances on it!) and a dab of glue to hold the bolt in place.

I'm vain enough to have an old selfie stick lying around, and it's phone holder uses the same thread as a traditional tripod, so I grabbed that and installed it, clipped my phone in and I was ready to roll. The mechanism takes 1hour to do a 360 degree timelapse, so you can get some pretty nice shots with it.
I could use this with any camera with a traditional tripod mount, so it's kinda future proof if I get any better gear.

Here's a short gif of it in action out of a bedroom window. It's a bit crooked but that's due to the base not being glued and installed flush when I took this video.

Here's a timelapse of the system doing a timelapse (taken with an old iPad V3.
Source : stupiddie from Reddit