Hidden door illuminated at the touch of your hand

Hidden door illuminated at the touch of your hand. Lord of the Rings, Mines of Moria door!

Hidden door illuminated at the touch of your hand. to see it in action see this youtube video. keep in mind the video was shot before these pictures so its missing the baseboard and the image quality on the door isn't as sharp.

Video's of it in action

Son opening the door (and wondering like a lot of people why he can't say "Mellon" to open it) – youtu.be/sWiAeyyoG3c

Voice Recognition testing – youtu.be/sWL93RDTb1U

Shadow box with LED strip

box built out of 2×4's and plywood I had hanging around. LED strip is a strip of super bright LED's which I bought off amazon. it was secured using liquid nails and all the random items in the picture were used to put weight down on it until the glue dried.

Thinking back on this i should have done the strips up and down rather then side to side, but it still turned out great.

LED's on

I bought a large plexi-glass sheet covered it in vinyl. I drew the design on the back side and used a razor to cut it out. I already had black vinyl and was to cheap to purchase white vinyl, so i just painted the back of it white to help reflect the light more inside the box.
Front view of previous picture just a little more complete
I thought about trying to get the vinyl machine cut, but where is the fun in that? everything was cut by hand.
just needs the hardest part.. the lettering on top
finally done!
installed into the door frame
Working on framing the the stairs to help blend in the framing needed around the door.
View from the top of the stairs after framing and painting is complete
The door was painted over with regular house paint (see the youtube video for initial results) i didn't like how distorted and dim it made the artwork. I ended up scraping the design out, and repainted it. I got a much better result. I even enjoy the small imperfections from the scraping, makes it look more rustic like it belongs on the face of a rock door.

Right now the door opens automatically after a touch of the hand. soon I will integrate voice recognition, so you will first have to touch it to illuminate it, then speak the elvish word for friend "Mellon" in order to gain access. I'm also going to cause the light just above this door to flicker and go out right before the door illuminates to have a much larger BAAM! effect.

for those interested in the electronic application of it. I use an Arduino Uno board, the touch sensing is done using capacitive touch, and the voice recognition will be completed using a VR shield 2.0. the door opens automatically using a normal automatic door opener (I purchased one from Olide and am very happy with it).

Source : Eclipse_007 from Reddit