I built a bedroom

I built a bedroom. How cool is that shit!

The closest to a before pic I have.

This "dining room area" served as a bedroom for my 8yr old, then she asked me for a door. Welp guess its time to put in some work boys. Opening the front door allowed everyone to see right into my daughter's bedroom. Obviously by her request it was time. The carpet had been destroyed by her new puppy so it was ripped up right away.

2x4s were used for the frame. Found out later that the metal frames would have been ok also. The sole plate was nailed in using a ramset powder actuated tool. All the 2x4s were fastened together using 3" construction screws.

Puttin this mofo to work!

One of my buddies had worked for over 8yrs with his father in-law as a GC. His experience got us through this for sure!

By off setting the middle braces its makes life super easy to attach them without them getting in the way of each other. I don't recommend stepping or climbing on them though. Don't forget to grab yourself a plumb tool to make sure everything is lined up straight from the ceiling to the floor.

She wouldn't stop asking to help.

Installing the door was super simple if you get one with already hinged and ready to install. Level everything and don't forget to double the header for the door. This way kids who have a tendency to bounce off walls or slam doors wont damage the wall. If you look closely you can see the little hole in the door frame above the door knob hole. There is one on each side to hold the door in place but still allow for adjusting with your level.
Coming in the front door.

The wall was lined up dead fucking center with the front window. This caused a problem as we didnt want half the window visible from the hall and the other from her room. I measured a 3 tier chest thing she had her drawing stuff in and designed the wall to allow it slide into the slot where the wall came out in the hall so that the window would only be visible in her room.
We thought the ceiling frame would be a pain in the ass…

Surprisingly it was probably the easiest part of the wall. The hardest part was install the braces between the ceiling plate and the top plate. We used toggle anchors to attach the ceiling plate since there is no attic above this part. A small hole drilled in the ceiling slightly larger then the anchor allows them to slide in and pop open. (Note: work slow. Especially screwing things in. You don't want to split a 2×4 or run through the drywall in the ceiling.
Old dining room means doorway into the kitchen

My daughter wanted to leave the doorway there so she could grab midnight snacks without mommy knowing… not gonna happen girly! I didn't even hardly measure this I kinda just grabbed scraps and through them in. It worked out, but I should have measured and done it right. My buddy was pissed when he saw it. By then I refused to remove the drywall for him to fix.
Mid-point… finally!

Seemed like for ever to get to this point. When we started this we had a leak in the house and it forced us to reno the entire bathroom also. So going in between the two really slowed us down. The bathroom is still not done.

I believe we used 1 1/1" drywall screws to attach the dry wall. Also the mesh seam tape instead of the paper kind. The paper kind I'm sure has its purposes, but the mesh was super easy to work with.

After installing the drywall

I thought it would feel so cluttered and tight in this area… just the opposite. It's actually quite roomy coming the front door. (all that stuff to the right is gone)
First time mudding

mudding, spackling, compound whatever you want to call it. Grabbed a couple buckets of the pink when wet/white when its dry spackling. I went over board at first but got the hang of it by the time it was completed.
Daddy's little helper

ok maybe not helper for say… tbh she makes a royal mess when she paints, but it's her fucking room so how could I say no? Ugh!
Inside the room

You can see to the right how the wall is "pushed" out about 12" to allow the window to be only visible/usable in her room. That is the spot I measured that chest for… as fate has it my wife and found a $135 bench at Target for $30. It fit perfectly in that slot and kinda gives it a bay window type feel. I usually find her sitting there reading which makes us happy so triple plus!

This part is dusty, super dusty. Make sure grab face masks and where a long sleeve shirt. You can grab a tool that drywall sand paper attaches to… or you can just cut up a scrap 2×4 and screw the sand paper on at the ends. Little GC trick my buddy taught me. Sand sand and when you think you got it, sand some more. You'll be surprised how non-forgiving paint can be. The corner bead is the worse. The little holes in it will pop through the paint if not done right. I had to mud over the paint in one area and do it over again.

Here is the painter in the group

Mommy is the painter or so we caller just to get out of it ourselves not quite sure yet. We used the "one" coat covers all Marque from Home Depot. Good paint, but not one coat that's bull shit. Sorry HD I got mad love, but truth is truth.
Umm Mommy that aint white!

She decided late one night that teal/aqua stripe were in need as our daughter wants beach themed decorations. Pre-measured the wall numerous times and figure out the stripes needed to be 11 3/4" wide for them all to be the same size and fir the wall the correct way. Trust me plan this out if you mess up its a bitch to fix.
I think that octopus door hanger might have had something to do with it.

She painted the door with black chalk paint. We like it so much we have plans to do all the interior doors black. She also through up the teal on the back wall to help accent the room.
Hi window!

You son of bitch! It's a love hate thing I got for that window. I kinda wanted to rip it out and put a new one in, but wifey said no way Jose!
Umm yeah so this…

It's done. Its look pretty, but I'll never tile again. Fuck that! After prepping the floor by make sure it was all lever and no voids in it (we were lucky) we mixed the thin set to the liking of the package and grabbed some of those tile levelers/spacers that help make sure all the tile is flush and level with each other. THEY DIDN'T WORK.
Middle of grouting

This wasn't bad just annoying. I got a tile trow set that had a grout float in with it. It was firm and worked well. Not pictured but a bucket with water in it is needed. After it dries take the damp sponge and wipe up the excess.
Ok so the tile

It wasn't that bad to install. Tbh laziness probably had a lot to do with it as we laid it late at night and were on time crunch since school was starting the following Monday and we wanted her back in the room before.
Marble 🙂

Marble imported from Italy for our bathroom. Another friend of mine works in multi-million dollar apartments on the beach. He asked for a few tiles for our shower floor from the tile guys. They brought him a mother fucking pallet!!!! Yeah can't wait to post about that bathroom build when its done.

Back to the wall. You can see the seems at this angle and in the pic but in person you cant really see them. Again my first time mudding and I wasn't the best.


Baseboards going in. In the middle there is the bench that is now in front of the window. A small 5 gallon air compressor was used to drive finish nail into the baseboards. There is a few ways to cut the baseboards from what I understand. We did it the typical 45 degree angle using a miter saw. If you have any space that's ok…. a little caulk goes a long way.
Pan shot

Got her a new bedroom set to go with the new room. Finally Daddy's part is complete. Now for the girls part… decorating! Sorry I totally made ya'll wait until the end for this. I know I'm an asshole!
Pan shot going upwards

Up top was a 2 1/2" foot deep space for storage. I added a 15' LED light strip from eBay that has hundreds of control as a night light for her. I got jealous. I installed one behind my TV too 😉
Source : dreambldr from Reddit