False wall to conceal my home theater wires

I built a False wall to conceal my home theater wires

Finished picture first.
This is what I used to have set up. I wanted a cleaner aesthetic and fewer LEDs all up in my face. Sprucing up that wall wouldn't hurt either, I thought. Originally my wife and I wanted to do faux-stone, but none of the samples knocked our socks off. We decided to go with laminate.
OH DEAR GOD. Take this crap and…
…run that crap in the attic! (At least all the CL2 rated stuff) Strap on your respirator and get to it! It's a photo but I assure you doing this in mid-July is the best course of action!
Buy a rack on Craigslist. Put electronics in rack. Put big 'ol castors on the bottom for some mobility. No, you can't see the back. Not yet.
I didn't want to fuss with the space behind the drywall because it's an exterior wall and ain't nobody got time for that. I cut a hole in the ceiling and ran a 2" PVC pipe up.
This is the tidy version of things while I dragged my feet about framing up the wall.
Look, I'm an idiot! I can frame my workmate! Dumbass.
Framing prep. I cut the carpet (too much, actually – but we'll get to that) and removed the tack strips and stuff.
Framing is in. Tapcons in the concrete and Timberlocks into the existing studs because my ceiling joists run parallel.
Well, poop. My telescoping mount needs some space. I cut notches out on either side for clearance, Clarence. The wall isn't load bearing, no biggie.
Right side.
Move the outlet where I want it.
Plywood! It's almost a wall!
More plywood!
Pergo! The color is "Rustic Grey Oak" I glued and nailed through the tongue into the studs I built.
Halfway there.
Front done! I marked where the studs were with the painters tape because I knew I wanted to put a floating shelf on the wall. I marked the top because I wouldn't know where my studs stopped once the pretty stuff was up.
Temporary rig while I drag my feet about doing the sides and trim.
Floating shelf. Rather than build a box to place over the stud shelf, I just glued and nailed everything straight to it.
Shelf affixed. Trim is next.
Skipped the staining and poly portion. I used 11/16" oak, and I needed all of it to cover the gaps in some areas.
Popcorn ceilings are the worst. The. Worst. Anyway, the trim didn't' fit at the top, so I hand cut-out a portion at the top so it would.
Remember that carpet whoopsie-daisy I mentioned earlier? Yeah I cut too far from the studs. Luckily, I had some of the same carpet rolled up in the garage, so I roughed in a piece. It's kinda lumpy, but so am I and I can still love myself.
Last step was to notch out the baseboards around the wall plates.
Notches done. Installed.
How you doin', Margot?
Source : neat_username from Reddit