platform bed with storage

I built a platform bed with storage for my Daughter and she loved it!!!

Final Product first! My Daughter in her brand new bed! She loved it! 😀

I decided that the bed would have to be built in two separate sections. To make it easier to be moved inside the house and to compertamentalize what would be otherwise wasted space.
This section will host thre drawers, the inside spaces are 24" wide 18" tall and 24" deep.
Everything was built with 3/4" thick sanded plywood from home depot. The cost of the build was close to 250$ including paint.
The back cubbies, these are also 24" wide 18" tall but only 13" deep. These cubbies will be fully enclosed and they will be facing the wall. These4 are meant for long term storage and they will be accessible by removing the mattress.
Bottoms are cut and applied.
My wife trying her hand at wood working for the first time in her life. She got the hang of the pocket screw jig really quickly.
The basic carcass is complete, all the joints are butt joints, joined with 1.24" pocket screws from Kreg.
3/4" construction plywood on top, as a base for the mattress. My wife wanted to test the sturdiness of the base 🙂
I begun cutting rabits with the table saw.
Cutting Rabits on the table saw, these panels will be used for the production of the 3 drawers.
Gluing the Joints
Taking them in place.
Perfectly square!! The drawers are 23.5" wide, 14" tall and 24" deep.
The sliders installed are 24" long and can hold 60lbs, bought from home depot for 20 bucks a pair ($60 total)
Gratuitous shot of the table saw station and fence i built for the project. I also built the farm house table for my patio and it doubles up easily as an outfeed table.
I built a template to cut hand holes for the top portion of the long term storage cubbies.
Hole is cut. (This router is amazing btw!!)
This is how it is supposed to work.
The sides of the bed are also 2.5" inches taller than the mattress base, this is to prevent the mattress from moving when the kids jump on it.
Foot board was built. All the beams were milled out of one 2×6 pine beam from HD. All butt joints connected with pocket holes. (I dont have any other pics of this portion) its' jsut a piece of plywood, framed with beams. I think the height of the footboard is 30"

The headboard was built similarly, but with longer legs 😉 Height 48"

1/4" rounding bit for the edges.
I decorated the top beam of both the headboard and foot board. I used the router bit from the ryoby kit.
Rounding all the edges.
The face frame was built by cutting strips of 3/4" plywood and pocket holing it and gluing it to the carcasses. All the edges were veneered with poplar that I ripped at 1/8" thick on the table saw. (I used a 1/4 board, and simply cut it in 1/8 by 3/4" strip for 8ft lenght.)
Rounded edge.
The Poplar veneer being glues and tacked in place
Dry fitting all the components. The cat isn't excited. (This was before the routing etc)
Drawer faces arent attached yet.
New toy!!
Lets paint! I used a drywall beher primer (3 light coats, with wet sanding between them)
Primer on!
3 coats of oil enamel paint, diluited 5% with mineral spirits, wet sanded between coats.
Use playing cards to get even spacing between all the edges, when installing the face plates to the drawers. I
Hardware and plates installed!! They work!!!!
She was stoked!!!
Source : AS_1988 from Reddit