destroy a wall with a hammer to open a room up

I decided to destroy a wall with a hammer to open a room up

hey it's tuesday, time to knock down a wall

really wanted to open this room up. originally i was only going to just open up half the wall and leave a little shelf/ledge, but, nah, let's just go all in.
hammer time

too late to turn back now

doesn't seem load bearing…

so, i had a guy come out and check and see if the walls were load bearing. his opinion was that they, in all likelihood, were not load bearing. but you never really know until you start knocking shit down..
hammer's not the best weapon

got a sawzall. now we're in business.

view from the first photo. drywall's totally gone

getting nervous

first wall i've knocked down. decided to reinforce the shit out of the columns juuust in case.
sawing the first 2×4 off

having to cut this supporting stud in the column to make room for more support

if you don't have a prybar, go get one. it's the best tool i've ever owned — BAR NONE HAHAHAHA
more studs gettin' cuttt

this is making a fucking mess.

now i'm getting really nervous.

time for reinforcement

i went in and basically shored up the entire column with brand new studs. the whole thing is now wood.
tapped them into place so i could save some drywall

better shot of the columns

oh fuck, it's down to one!

but look at the other wall directly across the hall. that stupid wall with its stupid random fucking triangle. WHY, ARCHITECT? why did you put these walls up in the first place, but why did you decorate one of them with a stupid triangle?
that's it, motherfucker. dexter's lab is open

because it was such a wonderful pain in the fucking ass to destroy my home the first time, i decided to do it again! this wall now dies.
the sawzall kicks up a looot of dust.

can't let it get into the baby's playroom if i want to continue my addiction to breathing.

this wall has wayyyy more studs. i'm getting super nervous now. oh, and it has power.
a view of the walls across from each other

this is like 1/10th as messy as it got, between the cans and cans of drywall i hauled out, the crazy amount of dust, the studs, etc. it's ridiculous.
reinforcing these columns like the other wall

reinforced column on left, untouched column on the right

starting to kill studs and get more scared.

trying to remove some of the mess.

bought a shop vac. amazing investment.
both columns reinforced

cat5's removed, whatever, capped into the ceiling. power's danglin'
started to get really scared about the house falling down.

did some propping up of the ceiling or something while i tried to figure out how to add more support. in hind sight, this is stupid and pointless the way it was executed. i was worried about the ceiling falling down, i was lazy and tired, so there were shortcuts and hoping for the best.
test fitting something not that structurally sound

here's what i arrived at. we're gonna reinforce the columns more, plus reinforce the ceiling. originally i was going to do two 2×9"s for the headers, but, that shit was really heavy and i was doing this entire project solo, so, shortcuts were made.
first support system in place

i mean, that's a shit ton of wood.

got a framing nailer and went to town. the big studs are 5" around, all-in it's like 15" of solid wood. it's gotta be enough to reinforce a non-load bearing wall JIC
shot of the wedged-in ceiling beam

other beams in place

at this point i was pretty fuckin' over it. i wasn't going to drywall this up. i called in some pros. hopefully pros that could work with my amateurness and complete lack of talent or skill.
what's this…?


looking like it was meant to be this way.

ahhhh yes.

just needs to be painted.

shot of the two walls.

time to paint and that's it! except for the floors, trim, more cleaning, etc.

once these things were opened up, it's bizarre to me why they were ever closed.
Source : joshorion from Reddit