I installed a 3 stage whole house water filtration system

I installed a 3 stage whole house water filtration system

Final Result

20" x 4.5" 3 stage "Big Blue" whole house water filter. 5 micron sediment, 1 micron sediment, 25 micron granular catalytic carbon with KDF85. First home and first time I've ever done anything like this.
Before Shot

103 item water analysis indicated above standard levels of Coliform, Iron, and Turbidity. Before installing the filter I poured 6-8 quarts of bleach and some pool shock into the well, ran the chlorinated water into the pipes and let it sit for 16+ hours to kill off any bacteria. The EPA considers this water "above the standard" and not at an enforceable maximum contaminant level. I guess that means it's safe to drink?
The Plan

The main water supply line coming from the well and out of the pressure tank is on the right. A 90 degree elbow behind the duct leads to the spin down sand separator. The red and black line is where I made the cut to attach the couplings for the ingress/egress lines running to/from the filter housing. My neighbor advised positioning the spin down trap before the pressure tank. I'll save that for another day.
Quick Fix

The second day we moved in I installed the cheapest sediment and carbon filters Lowe's (big box hardware store) had to tide us over until big blue arrived from Amazon. The filters went from bright white to completely saturated with crud in 2 days.
Wood, Holes, and Laying Some Pipe

Free 3' x 5' 1/2" sheet of plywood (thank you neighbor), 2 coats of some old black enamel, and some screws. The scariest part for me was trying to figure out where to put the holes for the inlet/outlet lines. With a little sense of adventure and a eyeball/tape-measure guesstimate, I drilled some holes. I love drilling some holes.
The Underworld

If I could redo this the outlet hole on the left would go about 4-5 inches to the right. The water inlet off the pressure tank is on the opposite side of the crawl space, roughly 60 feet. I spent 3-4 hours under the house positioning and attaching the pex to floor joists with 3/4-Inch J-Clamp tubing fasteners. I am no longer claustrophobic.

To mount the housing I traced the bracket holes onto cardboard with a sharpie. The self-tapping bolts it came with seemed a little short but do the trick. Lots and lots and lots of Teflon tape on the 1" fittings.
The Help

My buddy cooling off on the garage floor.
Pressure Gauges

A 5 psi difference in the pressure gauges should indicate when it's time to change the filters. The ball valves on the left/right allow me to isolate the system when the time comes. A pressure relief valve on the top will take care of any remaining pressure left in the housing. I'm hoping to get 6 months to a year or more out of the filters.
Housing Connected

Crimped the remaining connections to finish up the housing. Pex is really easy to work with.
Old Stuff

Ripped out the old filters. They did a good job and served their purpose.
Inlet Connection

Used a 3/4" coupling to attach the supply line off the pressure tank to the inlet line going to the filters.
Outlet Connection

Another 3/4" coupling to tie the filter outlet line to the supply lines feeding the house.
Somebody Setup Us The Pressure

Main screen turn on. A visual is coming on the main screen. All your pressure are belong to us. There was no chance of leaks make your time.
Final Result (water before and after)

A little dirt never hurt anyone, right? I enjoy a little grit in my coffee.
Human For Scale

Thar she blows! Something something cheesy joke about drilling more holes. Got it.
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