custom PC desk

I made a custom PC desk

Final Product

This project took alot longer then I had expected and alot more work. I still have a few details and upgrades I want to add.
Getting started!

I used Plywood for the Bottom part of the desk and a plunge saw to cut out all the pieces. I regret not using MDF Boards for a nicer paint finish.
Biscuit joint

I used a Lamello biscuit joiner and alot of glue to connect all the pieces.
Gluing the pieces together.

Gluing the final piece

The desk is starting to take shape.

I used mostly a router to cut out the holes. In this picture the desk is primed and ready for painting.

Looking Good!

I used black and white Automotive paint. The Black turned out a bit more Glossy then I expected. I was planning on adding a LED light Stip inside but I'm afaid it might reflect to much. :/
Holes for fans and radiator.
Installed push buttens to Power and reset the PC, I also have a few extra for later upgrades.
I took this piece from an old PC cabinet to mount the GPU.
Fan Grill installed
Radiator and fans installed. I also added a USB 3 and Audio port underneath the table for easy access.
Getting close!

I Installed a 230v outlet in the back for PSU and monitors.
Marking holes for mounting motherboard
I used these brass nuts and 4cm spacer standoffs to mount the motherboard.
Its floating!

GPU and motherboard mounted.
System specs:
EVGA GeForce GTX 1080
Corsair Dominator DDR4 2800MHz4x4GB
PSU Corsair RM850W
Intel Core i7-6700K 4.00GHz
3X Samsung SSD 840 Pro 256GB
I hope you aprove of my cable management.
In total I sleeved 130m of wire. it was a real pain!
Staining the top

The top is made out of pinewood, I stained it using coal black.
Adding some paint finish.
Desk top installed

For the watercooling system i used acrylic hard tubes 10/12ø. I bought all parts from EKWB.
I got 480 Radiator, 2x 400 reservoir and a 3,2 PWM pump.
I used a Heat gun to bend the Acrylic tubes
I will be adding watercooling to the GPU later on.

CPU temperatur on average is 24°C. when I play games like Battlefield I get ~30°C.

Installed a RGB LED light under the table that I can contoll via WiFi on my phone,
Thank you for reading.

I will be adding some upgrades later, I might also add a Console on the right side.
Source : HenrikJ_95 from Reddit