headboard from cedar flooring

I made a headboard from cedar flooring


As is tradition.
First draft of the plans

From the start, I knew I wanted a slanted interior section. I was going to use 1x4s and just join with them pocket hole joints…that was before I saw Cedar hardwood flooring on sale at the hardware store.
Went through a few design ideas

Here goes nothing!

2 4×4 Cedar posts, a bunch of 2x4s, some 1×4, and then a handful of tongue-and-groove cedar flooring.
Routing job

Managed to let the router get away from me a few times…that's okay – this part is getting covered up by 1x4s as part of the inside frame later.
Frame built!

Routed out the inside to fit the tongue and groove flooring in without too much trouble.
Full frame

I left 2 of the supports in back to keep it sturdy after the build.
The tricky part

This was a real pain, but I knew it'd pay off.
Almost done with the first side!

Halfway home

All fitted – just need to take a little off the top

About halfway through the right side, I realized that my measurement-to-center was off by 3/4 an inch…which meant that my flooring pieces weren't going to line up in the center. Had to trim down the right side slats to adjust, and FINALLY got it close enough to not care.
Getting there.

Top piece of the frame

Routed down the sides of my top 2×4 so it would fit into the routed grooves of the side posts and make a nice fit.
Inner frame fitted and joined together

I stained the inner frame separate from the rest of the headboard in order to get a nice finish.
Let the staining begin!

I used Minwax wood conditioner first and then followed it up with 3 coats of Minwax Natural. I wanted the grain to show, and it also matches my pipe desk I built last year.
No point in staining the bottom support.
I need a cure!

Love the way the light plays with the grain of the flooring pieces.
(almost) complete

My roommates hate me for making the apartment smell like stain, so I let this one cure for a few days before bringing inside.