mahogany side table / drawer unit

I made a mahogany side table / drawer unit

The finished item (sans actual surface finishing)

Three drawers in the front (bump to open). Light is a hacked ikea floor lamp with touch sensor added. No surface finish yet (will leave that to a professional later).
Sketchup planning

I'm lazy, so not all details were included. But you get the basic idea. Started with a box to suit the dimensions of what I needed then added components. The drawer slides had SketchUp files available which was nice, although the holes didn't line up :/
Sketchup #2

This is the back view (sans cover). You can see the support clamps for the light post here. Everything was made from 3/4 mahogany to keep things simple although the support tabs were laser cut from 1/4 ply.
Back cover

Design I made for a 3D routed back panel to give it some character. Also used this for the drawer fronts. I left this out of the model above as SketchUp kept eating memory (too many polygons).
Laser cut tabs

I didn't want to go to the trouble of flipping parts to CNC route both sides. So I laser cut some tabs to allow for each panel to be inter connected. Works much the same. Although you can't see it here this side had all the routing and holes cut for the slides.
Drawer slides installed

You can also see some of the other laser cut tabs used to hold the light post support
Shopbot work

I cut almost everything on a ShopBot. This is the drawers from 1/2 plywood.
ShopBot #2

This was the back panel and drawer fronts. Took 4hrs with a 1/4 ball nose bit to cut. Long day… I took my SketchUp file and uploaded it to the 3d Warehouse then downloaded it as an STL to load into vCarve for cutting. File available here:
First 3D panel

This was the first test cut to test things out. I previously did a test cut on a old piece of poplar but it came out a little furry. Mahogany has tighter fibers and didn't show the same problem. Just as well, this stuff isn't cheap!

You get the idea. Turns out you can NEVER have enough clamps!
More assemblyI

I really loved how everything mostly fit snugly thanks to using a CNC. Some slight timber warping but mostly everything fits tight / well. Here you can see the light post mounted. There is a second mount yet to be installed.

I had to be really careful with the assembly order. I ended up using these wood nut inserts so I can access the support from the front. Once the back cover is glued in place getting back there would be difficult. The post also helps clamp the touch sensor wire (not pictured sorry).

Top drawer

Some slight alignment issues, I just need to find some patience to fix them up. Next time I would probably use different slides or mount them on removable pieces of timber so I could take them out and plane them to fit.

These were a huge pain. I had to make the drawers twice as I trusted the manufacturers SketchUp component was correct. Turns out you need an extra .6mm gap on each side for the slides to operate nicely. Should have built a prototype.

All drawers

Working well now. I really like the bump to open. Turns out I need a ballast so you dont move the whole unit when you bump them. I'll put a small sand bag in the void in the bottom once the surface is finished though.
Powered bottom drawer

My wife and I enjoy sitting in the armchair using a laptop, so added power to the bottom drawer to hold power supplies and hide them away when not in use.
All closed up (front view)

Back view

I think the dog is confused why we're inside now having spent wayyy to many hours in the workshop where there is all sorts of things to chew.
Dog tax

Wood working is exhausting…
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