I made a Phone charger with Turquoise and Silver Inlay

I made a Phone charger with Turquoise and Silver Inlay

The final piece.

So this whole thing started when my wife kept stealing everybody's phone chargers and leaving them at work. I want to make a phone charger that she couldn't accidentally put in her purse. So I made this for her birthday, it charges 4 phones/tablets at once and sits on our counter for anyone to use. It will charge iphone and android.

Some folks might remember the inlaid owl I made a few months ago: www.reddit.com/r/DIY/comments/4kqw5z/diy_black_walnut_bowl_with_turquoise_stone_inlay/

The Raw Block

Bought a block of wood off of EBay. It's spalted orange maple and has nice squiggly black lines in it. Using a knife I carved a chasm across the whole block. I then lined the edges of the gash with silver wire that I super glued.

I broke up some turquoise stones into 3 different sizes with a hammer.
Working on the turquoise

I super glued the turquoise in and then sanded it flat. Then I glued some more in and sanded again.

I walked around the hardware store and bought what I thought I might need. Electricity scares the crap out of me. This is a junction box, a 4 port usb outlet, and a heavy duty cord. We've been using it for months with the phones blowing up, but I'd have somebody who knows what they are doing, set it up for you instead of what I did.
Drilled out

Using a drill and a lot of mess I drilled out the space for the junction box and where the cord would enter. Not shown: I wired it up.
Stained and polished

I wanted the wood darker so I stained it and then polished everything with shellawax and a car buffer!
End Grain

Heres a close up of one of the end with the silver and turquoise
The business end

I bought a wooden switch plate and stained it to match. I also bought a bunch of charger cables to use that can charge iphone or android. She was pretty happy with the whole thing and now the whole family doesn't ever fight over the chargers!
Source : steakbellie from Reddit