side table out of a Subaru engine

I made a side table out of a Subaru engine

Finished picture first, complete with Subaru all-weather floor mat drink coasters. Spinning the tabletop rotates the crankshaft.

The only pic I have prior to cleaning. It ran, but burned oil and was overall extremely greasy.

Me sandblasting. I hate sandblasting. Before this I steam cleaned it and pressure washed it, but that wasn't enough.

After sandblasting

Faces sanded, pistons and cylinders masked

Painted the lettering red

After a few coats of clear

The top of the wood base, with holes for mounting to the motor

2×4 base frame

Base fit-up

2×4 base wrapped in trim

Assembled base mounted on the motor

Table top with 2×4 skirt mounted

Table top with a week's worth of clear coat/sand/more clearcoat

Tabletop skirt wrapped in trim

Mounting plate on the crank pulley

Tabletop screwed on

Finishing touch 🙂

Source : Barge108 from Reddit