I made a thing for my girlfriend's birthday

I made a thing for my girlfriend’s birthday

I called it Happiness Meter

Because the closer to me she is, the happier I am. I bet you can figure out how it works.

I bought two 3 mm thick plywood boards (20 cm by something) and a wooden stick with a diameter of 8 mm. (pictured: what I was left with)
This was my original idea

I created the first draft in SketchUp. I won't show you the detailed step by step procedure partly because I was too engaged to take photos and partly because I don't like DIYs with millions of similar pictures.
The tools I used

My dad is kind of a handyman so he has a lot of (power)tools; I borrowed some. I mounted a jigsaw and a belt sander on the workbench using the built in vices. (I'm googling the tool names, so feel free to correct me, English isn't my first language)
The tools I used

Also, a stationary drill with a 8 mm wood drill bit. Drilling a plywood can be tricky if you don't want the layers to peel off in the process.
The rough cutout

I discovered that the 8 mm stick makes for good pegs that hold the parts together. Initially, I had a different mechanism in my mind (basically, wooden clamps), but this turned out much better. The stick was to be used only for the arrow-thingy (yes, that why I bought a whole meter of it)
Looks like a neat cutting board

Note that the dimensions in the "blueprint" lie, I decided to make the height 120 mm only. (One can say I went from an old school 4:3 to a modern 16:9 aspect ratio)
The mechanism made real

All the fine measurements and sawing were done on the fly. Assemble – does it fit? – nope – disassemble – sandpaper – assemble – rinse and repeat a LOT of times. This is the third version of the arrow because I always cut too deep of filed it too small so it was too loose.
The scale

One of the most trickiest parts was sawing out this one. There was no room for mistakes.
Almost finished

Fast forward a few sawings and sandings…
Almost finished

And it works like a charm.
Now, the pictures

Though it was my first attempt at drawing this kind of figures and it took a lot of erasing and redrawing, it looks more than great.
Now, the pictures

I traced the lines with a sharpie.
Now, the pictures

I tried colouring it, but I didn't like it that much and it would ruin the overall feel of it, I guess. Also, it's not a good idea to paint a plywood with a marker because it smudges (istthattherightword?) immediately due to the capillary phenomenon.

This is the whole thing disassembled. I cut out the characters and smoothed the edges with the belt sander.
The final product

I also made two optional legs that can replace the bottom pegs so it works as a stand.
The final product

Rear view
The 3D model

I remade the initial SketchUp model to the actual look of it and exported an image for the assembly guide.
The assembly guide

I'm giving it to her dismantled so some kind of a guide was needed. I know the lines are effed up a little bit, but I couldn't get our printer to do better.
Source : PapoochCZ from Reddit