I Made A Toilet Tank Sink!

I Made A Toilet Tank Sink!

Finished product.

I built a toilet tank sink that lets you wash your hands with the water that's used to flush your toilet. Before you ask…the water is CLEAN from the tap. When you flush the toilet, the fill tube is re-routed through a faucet which then drains into the toilet tank. Here's a video of the build and finished product:



I came across the idea one day when looking at cool Japanese toilet technology. I used Sketchup to come up with a plan and dimensions for my toilet. I ended up adding the half-cylinder shape later on when the faucet I bought used wasn't tall enough.
Mold the toilet top.

I used silicone rubber (mold star 30) to make a mold of my toilet tank lid. This stuff was pricey but the results were amazing. If I did it again I'd probably figure out a cheaper way to make the toilet tank shape for my form.
Concrete form.

I used melamine paneling to create my form based on my Sketchup design. I wasn't sure if pressing my "sink" shape into the concrete would work, so this was really an experiment.
The Pour.

I used Quikrete countertop concrete for this project.
Rough shape.

I figured out that if you seal concrete in, the air bubbles have no where to go. Whoops. My results were less than spectacular, but still workable.
Grinding and sanding.

Better, but not good enough.
Skim coat.

I used some stuff called Henry's feather finish to skim over the holes in the concrete. A little sanding and it was starting to look better.
Polish and Clear Coat.

I finished things up with some 400 grit sand paper and applied a coat of Thompson's water seal.

I didn't have to make any modifications to the toilet for this project. There's a little black hose that fills the toilet with water, I simply used a brass fittings to adapt it to the bottom of my faucet.
Under the sink.

Finished product!

I think this turned out great! It definitely doesn't replace your bathroom sink (no hot water), but if you can use it while the toilet's flushing that's water saved. I checked online and it looks like it saves about a gallon a day if you use it every time you wash your hands.
In action.

I don't know why the gif converter made the flowers look dead….
Source : mikeandlauren from Reddit