recycled skateboard table

I made another recycled skateboard table for a reddit user

Coffee Table from skateboards 2.0

After my initial post about making a skateboard table, Reddit guy u/Frank_White32 contacted me asking if I could try and make him one similar.

I am not in the trade at all, have learnt everything from trial and error, my mate Dave, and youtube. I've also have never, ever made a single thing for anyone like this before, so naturally I said yes.
Just to add to the pressure, it was for his wife's Birthday…

Thank you so much u/Frank_White32 for entrusting me with making something for you. It was fun in the end really.

I made a new workshop firstly

I treated myself to a new workbench thrown together with some spare wood that was lying around before starting this one!
Here are some wooden play things

Firstly I needed to get hold of some more skateboards from friends, shops and asking people when out skating! Thanks to all you guys, without you this whole thing wouldn't of gone very far. (If anyone reading this has any old boards they don't want get in touch, i'll take them all off your hands)
Hey some more, cool!

The worst part of doing this is peeling these shits. Removing all of the grip tape leaves you with cramped, fingerprintless hands
And then remove all the graphics/stickers and grip tape adhesive residue.

This bit also sucks.
Chop, Chop

One you take away that rough edge you can really start to see the brightness of the colours shining through
Take to the table saw and slice it up

Cut into 35mm strips. I've noticed a lot of other people who make these tables online use really thin strips, and I imagine just bulk out the base with more ply/mdf to give that chunky effect. No cheating this end!
Lined up and ready for duty

So the whole gluing process is missing from this album. But you know how glue works i'm sure.

Close up of the top after an initial sand and fill

Those little cubes are there to fill some holes. Basically once we took of a top layer with sanding we started revealing some bolt holes from the boards. In order to fill them we chiselled out and filled with a new piece of board.
It's this big. Overall sizes when complete are to be 95 x 40

This corner was my favourite

Again missed the biscuit and gluing of the hardwood (Added Rabbit Tax)

Treated with Danish Oil

Next to his big brother

Now to post to Germany… hmm

Source : Scalamere from Reddit