Baseball Bat Headboard

I made my son a headboard!


My wife wanted to get a headboard for my son's baseball themed room. She started looking around on Google and found this one. Well, the website that featured this image was asking over $550 for this particular headboard… On sale. I told her I'd make one for half the cost.
Eyeing it up

My wife found the bats online already cut in half. These were the most expensive part of the headboard ($130 for 13 bat halves).
I drilled holes in the board to match the diameter of the bat . From there, I cut the board in half, nailed and glued the bats in place (mistake, I'll explain later) and cut another board to width and length.
Gluing the two boards together.
Here you can see how the bats fit in to the two boards. Although I was just using pine, I wanted to hide the screws as best as possible… Plus, I wanted an excuse to have a pocket hole jig.
Half the bats in place. I nailed the bats on top and put a pocket hole on the back side of the bats on the bottom.
The other half are in! I cut the bats to length, because I figured nobody would see the bottom half of the headboard.
Laid it out to get a feel for what it will look like put together.
Pre-stained view of what it will look like in his room.
The staining process. Hindsight, I would have stained everything prior to nailing and gluing the bats together. This was a pain in the ass.
Back together!
The finished product. My little guy thanked me a million times for it over the past week.
Source : makefunofmymom from Reddit