Modernized 1998 camper

I remodeled my 1998 camper to be More 2016

As always, finished picture first. This is a before and after from different angles. Don't mind the mess.
For anyone wondering, here is what the outside looks like. It's a 1998 24' Nomad.
I started ripping everything out in early May. I planned to just roll the new paint on the walls and cabinets and install the stick on floor. I thought it would take a month tops, boy was I wrong.
The wife trying to hide from the camera.

Here you can see the carpet that was only in this section of the camper. It was pretty worn out and old. I ended up ripping this out to have the fake wood floor throughout the camper.
Here is the dining table folded down. There were a lot of blinds and a lot of items to remove for paint.
At this point we picked out new material to be used for the seating and curtains. I had my mother create them for us. She did an awesome job and sent me this mock-up from her potato.
The next step was to tape all the windows and edges off that we didn't want painted, which wasn't much admittedly. After the tape we started rolling the paint on.
This was after I finished the second coat on the top cabinets. At this point I was extremely burnt out of the idea of rolling this whole thing and knew there had to be a better way.
Seems like a good excuse to purchase a new tool!

After deciding to spray the whole thing, we have to go around and retape more stuff. All the windows needed to be covered as well as the counters. Luckily I was adding new floor so I didn't care about over spraying onto that.
It was HOT. I had my camper parked at my parents and they don't have enough power to run my air conditioner. All I had was the roof vents and door open.
1st coat of spray.
Each section at a time.
Pretty much finished painting at this point. Everyone who entered was very skeptical of how it was going to turn out. It is VERY WHITE at this point.
I used the bed platform to paint the cupboard doors.
Time to start ripping the carpet out.
Carpet has been removed and I cleaned up the area a bit. Look how ugly the current floor is.
After finishing the painting, it was time to start the flooring. I've never done anything like this so it was a learning curve but these were very easy to work with. All I did was make score marks with a utility knife and it would snap apart where the score mark was. Measure once, cut twice.
Things were getting pretty cluttered.
Finally finished. The floor took 6 hours I would guess. It didn't seem like too long split between a few days.
I bought some stick on vinyl countertop too.
I know, I know, the whole thing is going to fall apart while we are camping and everyone will die. I shouldn't of removed that load bearing carpet or used cancerous vinyl material that smells and is explosive.
This is after I installed the countertop stuff to everything but the kitchen. I also hung the doors with all new hardware.
This was taken after we camped it in for the weekend. I installed the countertop vinyl in the kitchen and new door knobs for the bathroom and closet.
I have inserts for the holes in the upper cupboards. They were that ugly blue and didn't match the new style. We are going to put new fabric to match.

We also plan to paint the ceiling at some point. That is why I didn't tape it off.

Source : bigchieftaco from Reddit