I remodeled my whole house For $15k at rEstore. Lipstick on a pig is the name of this game

I remodeled my whole house For $15k at rEstore. Lipstick on a pig is the name of this game

Front. The yard is gorgeous, I know. Welcome to the Bario. I have the nicest lawn on the block 😉
The photographer showed up a bit early… =D
I hate these pictures, because they show every streak from the cleaning ladies..
Original mint green tub. Too big and bulk and expensive to replace. Became the focal point of the bathroom.
Bathroom Window finally in!
Living room
Main BR.
Second bedroom
Pallet wood cabinet to cover gas meter and water main. $0

House listed and sold in 18 hours!!!!!!!!!
I bought my house in Denver back in October 2013, because it was cheaper than renting at the time. I lived there for two years, and watched my property value skyrocket. Without a ton of funds to fix my ugly house, I had to get creative…

I went to habitat for humanity REstore, which is pretty much a home depot of used house furnishings and doohickeys, and found a 22 piece cabinet set for $1100. It was spin the wheel day, and I ended up getting another 25% off. Walked out with a 'new' cabinet set for around $800

Time to buiild some doors.

I did all of this with a table saw. I should have bought a router. Dados + Mortise and Tendon joints and HOURS of measuring and remeasuring and test cutting.
Doors. Doors everywhere
Days and days of doors.
Test fit of the doors. I am so happy I didnt fuck this up.
Yay everything fits!
Now time to demo and gut the kitchen. I didnt really take many before pics unfortunately, but it was bad. Really really bad.
HardiBoard over plywood.
Leveling clips
Making a mess
These clips and backbuttering the tiles in addition to the floor made cleanup difficult… Lots of scraping
So much time spent trying to match the colors on the tiles… and I dont really like it that much. Should have just done random. Whatever.
Use Microfiber towels to remove grout haze. You're welcome.
Smooth and shiny.
Boy I hope i dont fucker this up
Granite countertops are dope. But they're really expensive(~$40/sqft), and not quite DIY. I found these granite tiles for $4 a sq ft, and the bullnose granite pieces were $12 each. Ended up tiling a granite countertop for ~$500. In the grand scheme of things, it looks alright.
Laying out the granite countertop
Never enough clamps. Had to get crafty
Coming along
These bullnose tiles are pretty cool. Wish the lip were bigger though.
It passed the penny test.
Grout was the perfect color to minimize the tile look.
Pre Grout clean
This is my Mom. She is the shit. Not only is she a trooper, but shes incredibly fun to work with. This night we got drunk, and somehow my dog ended up on the counter. I dont remember taking this picture.
TIled the kickboards on the cabinets, and it looks sweet!!
This is how I lived during demo/remodel. Never. Again. There used to be carpet in here, found some really nasty hardwood underneath.
Living Room before.
Before – Bedroom… Thinking this is pretty hopeless.
Other bedroom isnt as bad.
My buddy works for a hardwood floor restoration company. He 'borrowed' his work van for the weekend and came and helped me out. What a CHAP!!!!!

Puppy for scale.

Heady Al gettin the edges
Always helping out. Always time to play.
I think this was after the first pass.
Starting to think this has potential. Needs wood filler. Bad.
Wood filler baby. Lots and lots of wood filler
Stain 🙂
I seriously cant believe the floor turned out this good
Baseboards. Bigger is better right?
I fucking suck at miter cuts. Is it me? My saw? WHaaaa
Had to rebuff and repoly the floors. Doing the floors before the windows was the dumbest thing ive ever done, but live and learn… Recoating it made it that much better.
Cheap metal transitions. Not thrilled, but couldnt figure out anything better.
Got a bid to do all 18 windows in the house for $10,000. $7000 of that was labor. I bought all 18 windows from home depot for $1800. The rest of the materials (trim, 2x's, etc) was ~$1000. Hardest 7 Grand I've ever made.

My dad came over and helped me figure out the first one so I would know what to do with the rest. It was the biggest window and incredibly awkward to carry, but we got it figured out.

Built buck, applied liquid applied flashing, window sealant, and put the windows in.

Kitchen windows done, time to finish the tile
A little bit of inchitis on the window trim ^_^
Wire. Finally wires!!!
I cant believe this only took me 2 days.
Shitty panoramic from my phone
Perfect caulk line every time
Building the shelves.
Paint babyyyyy
Clean at last.
Putting on drawer fronts and hardware
This thing cracks me up
DUN dun dun dun
This must have been the original back door to the house. It was solid brown, but flaking pretty badly. I was gonna sand it down smooth, then paint it a solid color, but found some neat looking layers of paint… So i went with it..
lightly painted over the sanded door, then sanded the entire thing again, to make it look like it was originally white.
Coffee stain applied
Finished product
I have a fetish with red doors. I know im not the only one… Its really really red though.
Dexter red.
Found some cheap beetle kill wood at home depot. Made a sliding door, and a pantry door for $100. Including the track
Sanding and Poly.
Old fridge, New door.
Sliding door after poly .
Mini Me
Happy dood
Getting the pantry door to fit perfect.
Gypsy Fridge. 24'' Wide, 24'' Deep. 13.5 Cubic Feet. $500 homie hookup
New fridge woot woot. Doors open wrong way shit shit.
Matching boards for the pullout spice rack
I found Beetlekill? 1×3's at home depot for like a buck each… Time to make a spice rack.
Spice Rack
Found the Front piece for my spice rack in the junk bin at home depot. FAlfkjALKJSLKA!!!!!
Ugly basement
Dungeon of trash. Those pipes had to be covered up
Before. The green paint was original, the blue drywall is moisture resistant or something. I got pretty good at mudding during this process.
Ugly water main had to be hidden. Cant build a wall without a permit in Denver. This is a cabinet 😉
Boxing in the pipes. I used sanded plywood, because drywall is a pain.
Boxed in, sanded and primed the ugly metal vent.
Table saw… You da real MVP
Getting cleaned up.
Windows. More windows.
$30 harbor freight texture gun. #crushedit
Walls textured and painted… Time for ceiling.
I didnt really think too much about the lights, and put them in the complete wrong spot considering my limited materials. The ceiling in this room cost about $300, all said and done.
This carpet was like…the cheapest ugliest stuff they had. I'll take it!

Whole basement except the workshop for less $300, including pad.

The rest of my restore cabinets made for damn fine shop cabs.
So jelly of this shop. I never got to enjoy it :9
thanks for looking.
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