Bathroom Renovation

I renovated my bathroom, and thought you would like it !

First of all, final resutl !

Side walls are in stone facing, floor wall and ceiling are in floating floor, we used black 15mm PVC wand for finishing.
Window tunnel is in plasterboard and white paint.
Final result of top curve

Final result of low curve

First of all, we had to calculate and draw curves !

It was a bit tricky to calculate right angles, we decided that 4 floorboards would be used to made the curve, then played a bit with cosinus to find right angle.
At the end it was easier to just cut small pieces of wooden floor to do a simulation and draw directly from it.
That way no mistake could be made.
Bathroom at the beginning

Old toilets is already removed, new pipes are in place
Structure for floating floor

It is basically made with batten that I found at my grandparent's place.
We improvised a structure, no drawings where made, everything holds together with screw (we live in a chalet, so walls are in wood, make it easier to fix stuff).
OSB pannels are in place, we put a little trapdoor for maintenance.

Stone facing done

Stone facing where bought at a local DIY store, we used some special glue (kind of halh glue, half concrete) to stick it to the walls, we had to send walls a bit, but nothing more, we didn't bother with removing old paint.
Stone facing done

It took way longer than expexted (you have to put glue to the wall, then to facing which is around 20cm*10cm) , but was not complicated, just need a bit of cleaning to remove excess of glue.
Floor is done, first curve as well (it went really easier than expected !)

From now on, every floorboard will be stapled and glued to OSB pannel.
We put a line of wood glue on every floorboard, then put it in place, then put 4 staples on tongue, to be sure it would hold still until glue would be dry.
Final product

second curve and ceiling went smoothly as well, one of those time when everything goes as planned, can't complain !
Source : jolarsouille from Reddit