pottery using the

I repaired some pottery using the “kintsugi” gold/resin method

This matcha bowl we bought on holiday didn't survive the trip back home

So I thought I'd try fixing it Japanese style, using the "kintsugi" method. Obviously I can't afford real gold powder and epoxy resin isn't the traditional glue used either, but I think it's good enough. Not bad for a first attempt, at least.

Video version here: youtu.be/0_GSss88tmU

Also, kintsugi: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kintsugi

Apply glue

Hold in place for a minute or so while it cures a bit

Brush gold powder on while the glue is still tacky

Repeat for all the broken bits

It holds water!

Looks OK, I think

Could be tidier, but there were some pretty big gaps to fill on some of these breaks. I'm happy with it.

Watch the video here: youtu.be/0_GSss88tmU
Source : auntie-matter from Reddit