Installed some Pergo flooring... On the ceiling.

Installed some Pergo flooring… On the ceiling.

Floor on the Ceiling

Completed pic first. The only thing left to do here is caulk the gaps in the crown molding.

This project actually started several years ago. My wife wanted to put wood on the ceiling and so we bought vinyl stick on floor tiles to do the job. It looked fantastic for a few days until it started falling down. The glue just wouldn't hold. We tried for a couple years to put them back up and as you can see the squiggles are where we tried using different glues. Nothing worked and eventually we took them all down. This is how the room sat for a couple years until my son moved down the hall to a bigger room and this one became empty.

This is the first row of tiles. We actually used Pergo laminate floor tiles this time. They are glued and nailed. The nails are actually 18g staples that go in the grooved side. I made sure that they were all flush and didn't interfere with the tongue from the next row. Each tile also got some dabs of construction glue on the back.
Overhead work is fun…

I have both shoulders operated on this year so after doing this all day I was pretty sore.
Tiles done

All of the tiles are up and we just needed some crown molding to cover the gaps at the edges.
Helper / Boss / Designer / Love of my Life

The inspiration for the project was hers and she also painted the stripes on the walls.
Cat Tax

Big cat is a hybrid called a chausie, small cat thinks he's a dog.