Laser Cutting a Skateboard

Laser Cutting a Skateboard

I created a sweet wooden skateboard using SolidWorks and my homebrew laser cutter.



CAD was the first step. A google search lead me to an open source board design.


These dimensions were used to generate the board's profile. If I'm starting with dimensions, I'll sketch them up before creating any features.
Next the surface is modeled and thicken
Cross sections are projected onto new sketches. I only need to create 4 slats and mirror 3 of them.
At this point I created a new SolidWorks Assembly. Dimensions between parts can be linked through an assembly, which automates changes to dimensions. Sometimes this causes more problems than it solves…
End pieces were modeled with temporary dimensions, inserted into the assembly, and linked to the dimensions of the slats.
I can finish the slats by linking dimensions from the end pieces to the slats.
Cross supports and truck mounting blocks were modeled.
'Grip tape' was built into the board by cutting a timing belt tooth profile into the slats. The grip is suppressed in the assembly since it's literally thousands of extra features which bogs SolidWorks down.
Let's fire mah lazer.
Ventilation is important.
Unless you're into huffing fumes.
The total cut time FOR EVERYTHING is about 15 minutes.
My biggest concern is how well glue sticks to a laser cut edge. I cleaned the joints up with a wire brush and wet rag before gluing.

After 30 minutes I removed the clamps and glued the second side. I don't have enough clamps.

A spare cross support was used to clamp the permanent center cross support.
Swiftly sacrificed my aluminum honeycomb board to procure trucks and wheels.
The truck blocks were glued in and the trucks were bolted on to clamp the joint. I let the glue dry overnight prior to its baptism via my fat body.
Trial by fire.
Hands down my favorite part of this board is the grip; it totally works.
My buddy John and I took the board to the boardwalk for an inaugural skate and some sweet pictures.
Not breaking in half and filling my legs with splinters is a good start.

If you want more footage, watch the video fool.

The End

The board didn't fall apart, butttt some of the glue joints started coming undone.
Source : TheShortWalk from Reddit