Last year, I made a Monopoly table. This year, I went Breaking Bad.

Last year, I made a Monopoly table. This year, I went Breaking Bad.

Finished product first

My completed Breaking Bad Table. a.k.a Breaking Bread.

It's difficult to see full detail in this picture but there are close-ups below.

The Tools

One coffee in dinosaur mug. One electric sander. Measuring tape. Ruler. One can of red mahogany wood stain and one can of satin polyurethane.

I didn't end up using those little wood carvers or measuring tape for anything, so just disregard those.

Original Table

This is your generic ikea and/or Walmart table that everyone you know has come to own at least once in their life. I was given this and the chairs from a friend since I desecrated my previous one.
Original Chairs

Your standard ikea and/or Walmart chairs
Sanding begins.

I did this IN my tiny apartment. I don't know what's wrong with me.

Don't do this. You will spend many moons cleaning every crack and crevice of your place until the end of time. I went over the surface lightly for about 20 mins to remove the majority of the original lacquer using the sandpaper that came in the original electric sander package. I think it was medium grit.

The rough sketch

Some of the periodic table, along with your standard trailer and lawn chairs.
Tracing the sketch

I have the images traced and/or drawn onto tissue paper. I then taped the paper to the table to keep it from moving around and went over it with a felt tip pen. The ink soaked through the paper so to create a stencil on the wood. This makes it easier when burning in the picture.
Burning in progress

So hot right now.

My old burner broke so a friend got me a new one with fancy new attachments for more detailed results. For those who haven't used one. It's like a pen or brush that gets red hot so you can burn your design in as you draw it out.

Mid burn

Taking a gander at my progress
Sanding the chairs

This time I took it outside. I am so smart

I'm only doing partial (a.k.a half-ass) sanding so i can get some cool gradient with the stain later on

Majority burned in.

It might not look like much, but my hand basically seized up on me towards the end. Poor hand.
Sketching on the the design for the chairs

Just your basic Heisenberg. I used the same tissue paper method for this so to get the same design on each chair.
Ready to stain

This is always my favorite part of any wood project. I gave everything a damp wipe to clean off any excess dust and dirt. For the stain, I used a dish sponge and blue paper towels. I used the sponge to slather and cover the area, then used the blue paper towels to gently wipe excess stain and create more even coverage. If there is too much stain in one spot,it can get all sticky and tacky.
Stain compete

I totally love the way this came out.

I think it has a very worn and vintage look to it.

Checking overall progress

You can see some parts are deliberately left unstained. The burned outline creates a convenient barrier that prevents the stain from absorbing/leaking into the areas you want to keep lighter. I did this for a bit of contrast and to make the design more visible.
Top view progress

Still difficult to make out detail. Next step will be darkening/thickening all of the burn marks and applying polyurethane.

To darken the lines, I will just go over all of the crevices with a tiny paint brush some acrylic black paint diluted with a tiny bit of water.

A better close up of the stain

Post polyurethane

Using the same sponge and paper towel method, I used a satin polyurethane. It seals in your work, keeps it scratch and fade resistant and gives it a nice shine.
Showing some of the sparkle from the polyurethane

You can also purchase high gloss polyurethane for your finish if you REALLY want ultra shiny results. I settled with satin so not to blind you all.
Another close up

You can choose to put another coat of poly once the first one dries.

It's really a good idea so to make sure you get full coverage and a good seal. The only reason I didn't was because I didn't buy a big enough can and I ran out.

Completed top view

There's nothing more to be done. Just trying to get some good shots with my 'Android for Peasants' camera
Completed close up

Letting it dry

Make sure to keep your fan on and windows open if you are as neglectful to your health as I am. My place is super small and very little space to do these projects so I basically hot box myself with these chemicals.
All done!

Overall, I'm pretty happy with the finished product. Thanks for looking!
Source : ToastnEggs from Reddit