Made a sweet cabinet

Made a sweet cabinet

I am taking classes so I can foster a kid. One of the requirements is that you have your liquor locked up. So after shopping around and seeing that the prices are stupid expensive, I decided to build my own.

I got the resin idea to fill it in from @jet8402 who makes resin jewelry, and the idea of burning out the marks from @kevindk9 a youtubing imgurian AKA TheBackYardScientist

I salvaged some old furniture tore it apart, cut it to fit and, took the ole hand plane to it and started cleaning
Honestly I was a little lazy So i decided to keep the interior stained.
Making some Lichtenberg marks using microwave transformers. I borrowed this set up from a friend who used it to weld maybe?!?!?!
SAFETY MOTHERFUCKING FIRST. These devices can instantly kill you if you make a mistake.

Was trying to use this setup to make some lichtenberg marks on wood for some cabinets. Tried a few different configurations, the last one which burned out everything.

Double fuck. Time to find more spare cables.
This was a proof of concept that the burner I made works and not an actual piece I am making.


I put a little cutting board oil on it to make it shine.
Here is the actual top being burned. To do this you must mix water with some ions, salt, baking soda, lemon juice, go experiment. I used a 1/5 baking soda to water mixture here.
I used a wire brush to clean out all the marks. This is the wood wet from being cleaned.
I used a 2 part resin mixture called alumlite amazing casting resin, mixed with a blue glow powder from glow nation called blue triple glow powder.

Here is the resin Here is the glow powder. I used 1 ounce of powder to 15 ounces of resin.

I did experiment with a few different dies and powders, and found liquid dies make the resin gummy and hard to work with, so I recommend from my 1 whole experience and light testing to always go with powders.

It gets everywhere. It pored out through the groves onto my tarp. Was a beast to clean when that time came.
After all this jazz dries I gotta sand her clean 😀
Just looking at what it looks like in the dark pre sanding. Looks like Slimer went a little over board here.
Here is what they look after sanding the excess off and applying 1 layer of polyurethane. I started with a rough grit, and changed to lighter grits twice.

I picked up a dremel and used the wire brush attachment to clean out the grooves where the sander couldnt reach.

1 coat of poly all around.
Here it is in the dark cleaned up. Note, none of these photos were taken under any sort of black light. This is glow from natural light.
This is the third coat of poly. I tried using 320 grit sandpaper between coat 1 and 2, but it gummed up so fast. The recommended 220 is recommended for a reason, it just works better.
Here it all is dry fitted. I am waiting on some hardware to get mailed to me.
Awe yeah!!!!
The 95 percent finished product. Fuckin great.
I cant decide between this cabinet knob or
This one, but in the same color of blue as the one above.

Any thoughts?

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