Man cave (Pallet wood edition) --Accent wall, Dartboard Frame, Pipe Shelf, Plus a bonus!

Man cave (Pallet wood edition) –Accent wall, Dartboard Frame, Pipe Shelf, Plus a bonus!

Wood drying after a quick rinse and scrub.

Pallet wall:
1. Find safe and free pallets (check CL)
2. Cut between the nail and board with a Sawzall (this is the ONLY tool to use) Don't try to rip the boards from the frame. The nails are tough and cutting them is WAY easier.3. Rinse and lightly brush any debris from pallet boards and let dry over night
4. Stain the boards including the edges. (make sure to leave imperfections and apply stain in varying amounts)
5. Paint the wall you wish to pallet with a dark color (there will be cracks and seams, and you will see through them.)
6. Find the studs in the wall and screw in 1.5 wide furring strips on directly onto the wall on each stud.
7. Measure and cut to different lengths to keep a random feel.
8. Tack pallet boards onto the furring strips using 1in brad nails
More wood.

Staining station. I used Varathane oil based stain (gunstock color).

Stained wood.

Painted wall with furring strips.

Wall in progress.

Finished wall

Finished wall with shelf

Full shot

Dart board frame.

Didn't take many pictures of the dart board build, but here's a few steps:
1. Start with a 28in x 36in piece of plywood, paint or stain it dark
2. Measure and cut 2 28in and 2 36in pieces of the wider pallet base wood (assuming this is stained already).
3. Screw them on top of the pallet around the edges, like a frame.
4. Measure and cut previously stained pallet boards into the right length that fits inside the frame (should be ~27in each)
5. Use .75in brad nails and nail them onto the plywood.
6. Toward the bottom I mounted another wide pallet piece which I drilled holes into to hold the darts.
Pallets onto plywood.

Tacked them on with brad nails (.75 in)

Finished pallet dart board.

Pipe shelf

It's very easy:
1. Buy the following (everything is 3/4in gas pipe fittings):
4 floor flanges, 4 elbow joints, 2 T joints, 2 12 inch pipes, and 8 8 inch pipes. You will be creating 2 separate brackets
2. Attach a flange to an 8inch pipe, then an elbow, then 12in pipe, then a T joint, then another 12in pipe (going down), then an elbow, then another 8in pipe, then a flange. Attach an 8in pipe into the middle T joint (going back, not down).
3. Repeat this for the second bracket
4.Mount them onto 2 studs, based on how wide you want the shelf.
5. Place pallet wood onto the middle and bottom shelf (I actually stained some cedar wood for this, but pallet wood would work great).
6.Put stuff onto the shelf
Finished shelf

Bonus: Wine barrel restore

I cleaned, sanded, and stained a wine barrel I found on CL to use as a drink stand for our dart matches. Just used an oil based stain, painted the metal with Rustoleom paint, and hit the top with some poly.
Sanded barrel.

Finished barrel

Finished barrel2