My complete house makeover

My complete house makeover

The house seen from the garden

I bought this house in 2014 together with my father.
The house was in bad shape and needed a complete makeover. The first pictures show the house such as we bought it.
The house is about 93m2, and is located in a small town.
(Sorry my english is not the best)
The garden seen from same angle

The garden was in bad shape after no maintenance in many years.
The living room

The previous owers was smokers, which explain the yellow-ish cooler on the walls. (They were once white)

The masterbedroom had something which looked like mold
Masterbedroom from mold-corner

laundry room




Sorry this is in my native language.
This is the old floorplan.
Going back to zero

Everything indoor smelled of cigarets because the previous owners had been smoked indoors in many years. We took out everything, which was effect by this
Going back to zero v2

Going back to zero v3

We ended up here. before we satisfied
New bathroom

We wanted to move the bathroom. Therefor did we have to put new sewer and water to the room.
Buildi-up v1

Here in Danmark we have some tough insulation requirements. This among other means we should make a vapor barrier.
Buildi-up v2

Buildi-up v3

Buildi-up v4

This is the bathroom, which we chose to build in aerated concrete
Buildi-up v5

Buildi-up v6

Buildi-up v7

Buildi-up v8

Buildi-up v9

Buildi-up v10

we chose tu put 50mm isolation on the inside of the vapor barrier.
We used fiberplaster as our wallelement.

Here is what is to become the kitchen/livingroom


Kitchen/livingroom v2

The kitchen/living room from the opposite angel
One of the rooms

The bathroom

Laundry room



The bath


we was finally able to make the ceiling


Now with kitchen elements (almost)

The garden

We worked on the garden along the way.
It still looks like a mess…

Preparing to plant some grass

New windows

We are getting somewhere

The garden after planting the grass

The garden after planting the grass

Now with grass and tiles

So close to finish you can almost smell it!

The end result. I'm proud of it myself.

The kitchen & living room

Masterbedroom (same corner)

Former bathroom and entry

Entrance to 2 of the room and the bathroom

The bathroom

Laundry room and entry

Thanks for looking.
Source : zetsow from Reddit