refinished a drawing/drafting table

My dad and I refinished a drawing/drafting table for my studio.

table as is

Nothing done yet- just down in the garage. Bought this from the classifieds from a draftsman who said he no longer used it. He was a nice guy, but his house smelled AWFUL- like a thousand litter boxes and cigarettes. I thought the scent wouldn't stick to metal but I was wrong. Note the damaged portion at the top.
disassembly 1

Taking it apart. Assembled with Philips screws. Nothing fancy. I disassembled the entire thing with a Philips screwdriver.

Found a birthday!

It's older than me.
More disassembly

These are some of the pics I took for when I reassembled it. I'm really glad my dad gave me that advice, because it stayed disassembled for a month and I couldn't have reassembled it (well, not without some serious trial and error) without them.
Odd rust patterns on bottom beam

Hand sanded these off.
Bits and pieces

Took it into as many parts as I could get it. Sanded all the parts to remove the stank and so the new paint would have a little more grip.
Sanding the top

Borrowed my dad's rotary sander. first 100 (i think- rough0). 160 grit then 220. The sawdust stank.
Refinishing the top

7 coats later

7 coats. We used a 4" brush to paint it on
failed paint job

Wanted to use metallic Rustoleum to do this. Terrible streaking, spray can spat everywhere. Would not recommend. My dad and I have pretty steady hands so I don't think it was an application problem

Texture issues too. Fortunately this was a non-visible part of the board.
New hardware!

The old handle looked OK, but it was plastic, old, and there wasn't any way to get a new one for the other drawer. Drawers without handles are stupid so I picked up some brushed nickel handles from Amazon. I really like them.
spraying drawers

more spraying

A little pitting

resprayed brackets…mild texture issue
finish sheen

Final product!

In its new home- my soon-to-be studio!
Source : vfj from Reddit