Demogorgon Mask

My Demogorgon Mask

Stranger Things inspired Demogorgon Costume. Here's a DIY guide on how my girlfriend and I made this mask and how you can do it too.
It looks so gross!
Final product compared to photo from the show. The photo was blurry and dark and we couldn't get a great idea of what the color of his body was, so we opted to go with a more Earth-like theme to our Demogorogon costume. We liked the idea that he was an Earth creature with lots of brown tones, moss, and a fleshy interior.
But we had no idea HOW to make a mask like that… until we found this guy on YouTube. He goes by GourmetPaperMache.
Check out GourmetPaperMache's channel:
He's got a 6 part Tutorial on how to make complicated masks using cloth mache and paper mache. It's the same process we used for the Demogoron. It's super easy. Couldn't have done it without this guy.
Materials List

Shaping and Framing the Mask:
– 1 Sheet of Wire Mesh (I used Activ-Wire Mesh I found at Michael's)
– Wire Coat Hangers (I used about 10)
– Masking Tape (Get A LOT! and in varying thickness)

Cloth Mache:
– Elmer's Glue All
– 1 White Bed Sheet

Paper Mache:
– Newspaper
– Flour & Water

– Hot Glue Gun
– Paint Brushes
– Exacto Knife
– Serrated Steak Knife
– Wire Cutters
– Large Bowl
– Scissors

Detail Work:
– Sculpy (For the teeth)
– Craft Moss (found at Hobby Lobby)
– Craft Styrofoam Balls (for support inside the mask)
– Black Mesh Fabric

– Acryllic in White, Black, Yellow, Red, and Brown
– Clear-dry Glaze

STEP ONE: Wire-Frame Mesh
This is easy. Just wrap the wire mesh around your face and press it into shape. The edges are sharp, so wrap them in masking tape. This will act as a frame for the rest of the mask. Give yourself a bit of wiggle room. Snip off extra wire with scissors
Fits like a glove!
STEP TWO: Cloth Mache the Wire Frame
Cut or rip your white bedsheet into strips and pour some glue into the big bowl. Dip the cloth in the glue and apply it all over the wire frame. You want 1 or 2 layers of thickness.
Should end up looking something like this. It dries quickly overnight!
The cloth mache allows you to achieve such high detail while also achieving a lot of strength and support. This is just 1-2 layers thick, but it dried hard as a rock!
STEP THREE: Framing the Petals
So, to make all those petals that are fanning out around the Demogorgon's face, I had to get creative. I used wire hangers and bent them into a rough outline of what I wanted them to look like. I focused on giving the petals a lot of curves and interesting shapes in order to give the final product a lot of depth and detail.
All 6 petals outlined with wire hangers. They don't have to be the exact shape just yet. Toward the end, when we cloth mache again, we can add a lot of extra detail.
STEP FOUR: Filling in the petals
So, we need to paper mache these petals before we attach them to the mask. In order to do that, we need to use some newspaper to fill-in the petals. Just take newspaper and roll it into strips and attach it all to the wire-frame using masking tape.
I started off by wrapping the wire in newspaper and then filling in the space in-between.
…and you end up with something like this. All 6 petals filled in with newspaper and loaded with masking tape! They look a little bulky and flat right now, but that will all get fixed later on.
STEP FIVE: Paper Mache the Petals
There's not a specific ratio of flour to water I used. I just tried to achieve a soup-like consistency. Use large pieces of newspaper to make your life easier and avoid dunking the newspaper directly into the paste. Just apply the paste with your fingers. We went for 4-5 layers of thickness.
Paper Mache Action shot! We did this for all 6 petals. To allow them to dry, I stabbed a coat hanger into the bottom of each petal and hung them up on our porch overnight. They dried pretty quickly over a cool, breezy night.
STEP SIX: Gut the petals
So, in order to prevent the final mask from being really heavy, it was important to remove the wire hangers and newspaper inside of the petals. Use a serrated steak knife or bread knife to saw the petals in half all the way across, and then tape them back together with masking tape. It feels like you're ruining your project, but don't forget, we're going to re-strengthen everything at the end with a final layer of cloth mache.
STEP SEVEN: Attach the petals to the mask.
This was probably the most frustrating step so far. It took awhile to position the petals in the right spot and it took A LOT of masking tape to secure it to the mask. It was helpful to rip off a bunch of tape and put it all around the counter for easy access. Don't be afraid to use a lot of masking tape. It's important to get these petals exactly where you want them. I also attached a bent wire hanger to the reverse side of the triangular petal at the very top. This prevented it from sagging and bending down in front of the mask.
See how much tape I had to use?
STEP EIGHT: Masking tape detail work
So far, everything that has been done was to craft a basic shape and structure to the mask. It's finally time to start focusing on the detail work that's really going to give the mask some life. I used masking tape to make natural curves that imitate flower petals and to make each of the petals look naturally attached to each other.
Here's some more detail work. I used masking tape to create stark ridges all around the center of the mask, like you see on the left. It was also great for adding thick muscle-like tendrils to the faces of the petals.
Detail work complete. Notice how the details breathe life into the mask. All those shapes, curves, and ridges make the mask look natural and asymmetrical.
It's starting to look creepy! Okay, now let's add one more layer of cloth mache!

STEP NINE: Cloth Mache (Not Pictured)
I was busy working and we were in crunch-time to get this mask completed before Halloween, so my girlfriend did the last layer of cloth mache. This last layer is super important! It will give the mask a lot of strength and also a lot of natural looking detail.

So, after the last layer of cloth mache dries, it's time to paint. My girlfriend was the brains behind the painting. First, she used a base layer of tan-color to cover the entire mask. Then, she used black-washing to cover the reverse-side of the mask. She painted the middle face area black, and painted the middle of each petal red to make it look alive and fleshy. Then, she added details in yellow, red, pink, white, and black to make the mask look gross, alive, and Earth-like. A final coat of clear-dry glaze was added to make it look moist, like the inside of a mouth.
Black-washing and painting the middle black.
Black washing action shot. Get the black paint really watery and paint it all over the surface. Then, quickly remove excess paint with a paper towel. What remains is the black paint stays in the recesses and pits to naturally highlight the curves and shapes.
STEP ELEVEN: Final Detail Work
1. I cut eye and mouth holes with the exacto knife
2. I added black mesh to the inside of the mask to cover up my eyes and mouth while also allowing me to see and breath.
3. I hot-glued these styrofoam balls to the inside of the mask to add stability. The mask was pretty front-heavy with all those petals, so I prevented the mask from tipping forward by bracing it against my face with these balls.
4. Sculpy teeth. We hot-glued these to the faces of the petals
5. Moss. Hot glue some craft moss in strategic positions to make the mask look earthy and gross.
6. Hot glue gun residue looks a lot like drool! While gluing on the teeth and moss, we took the strands of hot glue gun and stretched them all over the mask to look like froth and drool.
So, we got a pair of Zombie Hands from a local Halloween Store and extended the fingers using just masking tape. Masking tape was also used to add knuckles. Then, we painted it brown to match the gloves and painted the tips of the fingers black. Making the fingers abnormally long was important to make the costume look creature-like and to distort my human shape.
We wanted to focus our efforts on the mask, so we didn't put a lot of work into creating a specific Demogorgon suit. We just bought a dinosaur costume from our local Halloween store. Thankfuly it matched pretty well! Maybe next year we'll improve the costume by creating our own suit.
That's it! Thanks for reading. Hope you enjoyed. And if you haven't seen it yet, go watch Stranger Things on Netflix. It's addictive! Happy Halloween!
Girlfriend went as .011 Her costume was badass too.
Source : M4D_SCIEN7IST from Reddit