Budget Patio

My father and I built a patio for my brother while he was on vacation. Surprise.

Finished Project

Pretty much finished. Some touchup to do filling in some low ground spots in the front. After two days of 100 degree sun, that can wait.
Finished Project (Pic 2)

Lower quality pic taken from a different phone. Better view straight on.
Initial Preparation

I don't have an earlier picture, but we killed the grass and then pulled it up to get to the dirt. The main issue was the A/C unit. We had to raise it off the original plastic pad and work around it. Had it been an open area, we would have just rotor tilled the area for easier leveling. We also encountered a lot of rocks.
Initial Framing

This was more of a pain than we wanted. One issue was the neighbor built a fence that was not straight and we had to decide whether to fudge that side to make it look straight. We decided against that.

It's basically an 8×8 square, but getting level was hard. We first leveled the outside boards and removed high spots with a mattock and shovel. Then, we repeated the process with each joist. Unfortunately cut a satellite cable during the process and had to splice each end and check the signal levels.

Downspout Reroute

The original downspout had to be extended. We don't have much in the way of elevation change to ensure drainage. It should work fine though.
Boarding Begins

The first few boards were cut to a standard length until we reached the siding. Then we had to reduce length a bit and custom fit around each piece of siding/trim that got in the way.
Boarding Continues

A bit of progress.
A/C Unit Pain

Once we hit the A/C unit, we put down the back boards. Then used scrap wood to rotate the temporary support 90 degrees and remove the cinder blocks we initially put down. Rotating gave us enough room to slide in the boards that would go below the A/C unit. After the boards below the unit were in place, we put the original rubber supports on and lowered the unit onto the patio. This was probably the most stressful since we can't repair broken A/C lines. It would have made for a very bad day.
Source : backtolowes from Reddit