My Finished Bar!!

My Finished Bar!!

Finished product!

Finished bar! My first big project done, well almost done I still have some staining to do!
The Plans

I didn't really have any idea how to start but I did find a pretty good building plan online, it was just the frame work.

Got my wood and supplies!

The plans suggested using these Simpson Strong ties! I'm not a pro so I followed what they told me to do!
Starting in the garage, probably a good idea to move to the basement soon!
Started work in the basement!
It's looking like a bar! Zola is making sure everything is level!
Frame work about done!
Dumb pipes in the way but at least they are hidden now. I'm sure someone will run into them eventually :/
Starting to make it look nice. I didn't really have a set plan so I just started adding things as I went. There's mistakes but I'm really liking it!!
Looks way better than I thought it would!
The counter top!

Without my buddy's brother in law, I would still be saving bottle caps. I added my fair share of caps, mostly from my favorite breweries and beers. My brother supplied a few of the beer coasters as well!!
Sooooo many caps!
There's enough and they all fit nicely! Only thing left to do is put the railing on!
The railings arrived!
Again, I'm not perfect but it looks WAY better than I thought it would!
Starting to stain it!
Hans helping with the staining, still more to go but you can see the color I'm going for!
Got the final orientation of the caps and labels down! Now to drink a beer and pour the epoxy!
Epoxy and mixing supplies! Don't worry I covered the table!
Mixing slowly, don't want to screw up now!
Here's a pano of all the caps, I tried!
Here's a pano of all the caps, I tried!
Source : ImTheGerbilKing from Reddit