DIY project: dinner table

My first DIY project: a dinner table

Finished first

Finished project first! I'm really happy with the result. In hindsight I could have done a couple of things better (painting before assembling for example). But it was a lot of fun and enjoyed every minute working on it.

I estimate the total costs for the wood, screws and paint at about € 140-150. I had to buy some tools as well because I had none (not included in the price I mentioned). But the tools will come in handy for the next projects to come…

The workbench

This is how I started out. Because I live in an appartment and don't have a garage or even a work bench, I had to construct everything in the kitchen. I used the this pallet as an improvised work bench instead.
The store sawed the planks for me, everything it else I did myself
Assembled the top parts

The easy part is done…

I taped a rectangle on my floor for measurement purposes

The first leg!

Two legs make a cross


First chisle sessions… Had to even it out a lot more.
After some more chiseling and sanding, it fit! This was the most difficult part. If I would chisle or sand away to much wood, it wouldn't be a tight fit. So I had to be careful.
Good enough for me!
table with no diagonal support yet
With another support bar (legs to table)
A closer look
First layer of paint

Second layer!

Finished project again

Source : StolenPanther from Reddit