new desk out of pallet wood and old floorboards

New desk out of pallet wood and old floorboards

Final product.

Its everything I had wanted out of a desk when I first started this project.
Starting this project was setting up a visual aid to go by

I taped a 30inch X 72inch rectangle with the shootoff on the end.
Building the frame for the desk

Starting the process of gluing on the top

These are old floorboards from my house. I kept a stack of them asfter I had to replace my floors. I glue them together in sections and then glued each section onto the table's frame.
Getting close to having them all glued

Got bored waiting for the glue so I made a dinky little table out of scraps

Starting to trim off the excess

all trimmed!

Got legs underneath her

the legs brought the height of the table to just under 30 inches tall.

Cleaned her up a bit

Tried to free hand a straight line… it failed. I re did this leg

sanding down the floorboards to make them flat and uniform

sanding and staining!

I sanded it from 36 grit to 80 to 120. After that I stained it, then sanded it again at 120, then 220, then 320, then I stained it again. After that it was sanding at 320 again, then 600, then 1200, then 2000 grit to end it all.
I then rubbed on Oil based wipe on poly

Rubbed several coats and sanded again with 2000 grit
sanded the edges and legs up to 120, then stained them with ebony stain

I then sanded the edge all the way up to 2000, but left the legs at 320
In the room!

I had to dismantle it to fit it in the house but I have it put back together and ready to go!
Got my computer set back up on it!

Wires feeding into the hole

cable management

The cables feed into the middle leg, and the travel down the inside of the leg and then feed out of the bottom
Source : Angryrobots55 from Reddit