New longboard grip tape and paint design

Here's the finished product of the board first as always
Here's the original deck i bought off my buddy for 40$. The wheels and trucks came from my old board.
Started with removing the kingpin on the sidewinder trucks so I could take the whole assembly off the board.
The deck itself after removing the trucks
Here's the top of the deck after removing the grip tape. Used a hairdryer to heat up the glue of the grip and then went around with a razor blade to get it started. Was easier to remove then I was expecting it to be.
also peeled off all the stickers on the bottom of the deck as well
Taped off the edge of the board with some painters tape as well as the hole for the drop through trucks. Then just gave the bottom of the board a quick sanding before I spray painted it.
Did about 5 coats of some "oasis blue" spray paint from Rust-Oleum to give it the base coat.
Printed out a stencil online of the Philadelphia skyline. Proceeded to use some safety scissors to cut it out.
Basically, I laid down some painters tape roughly right underneath the outline of the stencil. Then just went around with my razor blade and cut out the exact design. There was probably an easier way but i filled in the rest of the board with a shit load of tape.
Did about 4 coats of black spray paint to get a nice even layer. The painters tape held up really well surprisingly and there was practically no black paint anywhere else on the board.
also, I went to put a clear coat of spray paint on the bottom of the board to protect it but there was some reaction between the two paints so some of the blue background bubbled up. I only got one coat down before I decided to stop and not risk anymore damage. Its not very easy to see so i'm not overly worried about it.
Had to move locations to my dorm room in Philadelphia. But here's the top of the board after I did a few coats of white. There's a few blue spots on there which i wasn't too worried about because it'll get covered with grip tape later
After about 2 hours of cutting the grip tape at 1 in the morning and almost slicing my finger with a razor blade, the design is finally complete and i'm really impressed with how it came out.
Finally, just reattached the trucks after i let the board dry but left my bushings at home so had to borrow my roommates. Thanks bro
Hopefully since this deck is fairly new and it has some carbon fiber in it, i'll get 5+ years out of it. Was definitely worth the time and money as i'm very happy with how it all came together.
Source : lmoran12 from Reddit