No screws/bolts wooden frame bed

No screws/bolts wooden frame bed

My new bed!

Following tradition, first picture, end product.
Bed side boards are: 150x18x2120mm and 150x18x1450mm
Legs are 2 beams 90x38x470mm stick together
Central beam are 3 45x45x2100 mm glued together, to make a 135x45x2100mm beam.
Boards supporting the mattress are 22 boards 90x18x790mm

All is pine wood. 60£ worth of wood. I did not use any screw bolt, the idea is to be able to disassemble it easily

I hand sanded everything (I have to get an electric sander soon :'( )
I used danish oil and then 2 coats of beeswax, all manually (using lint free cloth).

Ikea bed

This is my old Ikea Bed, it has got really weak legs, and the screws were getting loose all the time. Hated it!
Building the legs

All the wood I used was pine wood. It was cheap, I probably spent around 60£ in pine wood.

These are the two beams cut at the right size, ready to be glued. Those beams have round corners, I removed all those round corners with the plain, leading to a square leg, and then rounded again with the router.

I swear to god that will be one leg!

Removing waste with a router

First time I used a router, you can clearly see that's not the cleanest job ever, but it definitely was training for me, sanding fixed it 😀

I used a router bit 2mm height x 1.9 mm width

Removing more waste with the router

Underneath you can see tree pieces of wood with two MDF rails. Router does not have the attachment (it's sitting on the bench) The rails let me remove waste to get the same piece you can see on the left side. The router bit I used here was 2mm height x 10mm width
Gluing halves!

Quick dry in the sun!
First test

I had to use the chisel to fix the joints when they were too tight.
Sides of the bed

Again, routing and routing. This small piece of wood in the extreme of the board, broke on each board after testing the bed (images below). Then I had to glue it up again, and after gluing it did not break anymore. How ever that is an error of design, and of course hardwood would have been much better although more expensive and harder to work with.
I have to add small beams in the corners to avoid modifying the angle of the corners when moving the bed or the joints can be crushed easily.
Testing legs

Even with the legs, I to be very careful when moving the bed or I can break the joints.
Adding supports and stoppers instead of side rails

Holy Glue!
Adding supports ans stoppers instead of side rails

Extending front and rear panels

I was worried that rear and front panel would be not wide enough to support a central beam with two people sleeping on.
Rounding all the corners

I used the router to round all the corners of the legs and the outer sides of the bed.

I used Danish Oil to on all the wood, and beeswax to make it shiny, I bought a polish/buff attachment for the drill but it did much worse than doing it manually. Lint free cloth is what I used to spread wax and polishing it
Central beam with stoppers

I used 3 pieces of wood glued together to make this beam, it is extremely strong (probably oversized) but now I feel safe :D, Then I drilled holes to place dowels, to the mattress boards get fixed in the same position (I should have done small guide with the router on the central beam…)
My bed again, yay!

It is a bit squeaky but not too much, I hope that goes with time.
Source : deepbit_ from Reddit