Copper lamp 2.0

Ok, I learned my lesson. Copper lamp 2.0

So last time I was here, I posted this . and you guys (rightfully) tore me apart for not grounding/earthing the whole thing. Come on, I thought, how often do you see a earthed lamp? I hand waved you guys to the back of my mind. Well, after some months I maybe, might've, kinda got a little shock from it. Maybe. So here I am again, this time with something that won't be called a 'DIY housefire'
The arms rotate freely to you can move them around to light the room however you want. Each arm has it's own switch. I used 1/2" copper pipe and bent it by hand over a bicycle wheel rim
I joined the two pieces with wood glue and 2 brackets. I needed the cabling to join in the base and for the base to sit flat. I don't have a router so I just used a 1/4" forstner bit to counter sink the brackets and the cable. Ghetto. Also you can see the holes in the middle where I'll bury the cable joins.
Here's the top with the 4 post holes drilled. 3 for the arms, 1 for support. The plug you see here is later replaced with a 3-pronged grounded/earthed one.
A trial run, to see is the holes were straight. They weren't. I widened the holes with the spade bits I used, but you can still see the pipe on the left is forced inwards. Drill press next time for suresies
This is where I'll mount the switches for each arm. You can also see where I'll pull the wire though the pipes
Stained the base and tabletop real dark! I used paper towel as a paintbrush :p
Pulling cable. This was a huge pain in the ass. Ended up feeding fishing line through and reeled it in
Grounding/Earthing! I had difficulting getting the solder to adere to the copper pipe with my dinky little soldering set, so I smooshed the ground wire between the pipe and the base
Smoosh (50% anyway)
Here is the simple toggle switch I used. I really wanted to go with something minimalistic.
All cable pulled
Aaand more cable
Soldered, electrical taped, and zip-tied to prevent any pull apart (there shouldn't be anyway, but all hail redundancy)
Bury each cable join into it's little hole. Insulates and protects against pulling. Not too worried about tension on the cable as this is just going to sit behind my couch till the next time I move when I'll have to rewire the whole thing anyway.
Looking good! I was worried that the base wouldn't be heavy/wide enough to keep it from toppling over. But it's quite stable
Making the join from the arm to the light socket. I wanted to hide this join, so I cut it very close to the pipe end since the cable only pushed back into the arm 2 inches.
Since these joins are inside the piping I wanted to be extra sure they were solid and insulated. I capped and taped them. they carry very little weight so they should be fine
Done. These are 12W bulbs so they stay nice and cool
Next the shades. They had to be light enough not to pull the arms down, so I decided to use paper. Here I'm starting to try some different patterns
Got a pattern I liked and got four pieces of paper folded and taped together. I'll thread string through those holes to hold/tie the top together
Woo wooo! Got the "floating orb" look I wanted. Exposure is way down in this photo, but In real life they do actually light the room 😛
Source : ABaffoonery from Reddit