Old TV re-purposed as a liquor cabinet.

Old TV re-purposed as a liquor cabinet.

The finished product

A liquor cabinet in a Tandberg model TV3-47. Picked up at a second hand store for 30 bucks. If you want more, check me out on instagram @kjellare

Disclaimer: Do not mess around with old CRTs as they can hold a charge for years. Handle with care.

Took this picture of the TV when we tried it out. Next up is removing everything on the inside.
Front door closed
Removed the backplate, this is the intestines.

How to discharge old tvs like this one(courtesy of user moodog72 on Reddit):
Use a well insulated screwdriver (assuming you don't have the correct discharging cable) and, with the flyback still attached to the tube, touch a grounded source. It will probably spark and scare the crap out of you. That's good. Otherwise it would find a ground path through you. Only then should you disassemble anything. If you don't know what the flyback is, don't touch anything. Screwing this up has been fatal.
Old CRTs are not to be messed with by the inexperienced.

Burns on the circuit board there?
Removed some of the electronics(Sorry for the bad quality on this pic)

Disclaimer: Be careful when removing the tube, as the glass might implode and it is very heavy.

Got it all!
Test run
Keeping this part, in case i need it for later.
The backplate was built in such a way that i couldn't use it in the final product. See the hard plastic bolted on to the board poking out.
Fitting the floor. Used 6mm thick composite wood for the floor and the walls.
Walls are up
The edges need some sanding, this wall was put in purely to hide the controls i'm putting in. Sanding left dust everywhere in my living room.
Backplate fitted. Everything ended up fitting so tight i only had to apply some glue and it stuck.
Tested the speaker, works like a charm. Part two of this project will be a chromecast audio hooked up to a small amp i've got.
Fitting the IKEA DIODER controls
First layer of paint
A mint finish
I just glued the controls.
Floor, with colors.
The sliding door on the side.
What's behind the door.
Cables poking out in the back.
Front door closed. Cable management will be included in part two of the project.
Front door open.
A terrible picture of the LED strip
Some booze, and some of that LED light.

If you want more, check me out on instagram @kjellare


Source : mammakjeks from Reddit