Power Wheels Jeep Restoration

Power Wheels Jeep Restoration

Before and after.

Tools used: Milwaukee 12v brushless Impact drill with several long extensions, small pry bar, needle nose pliers, screw extractor kit, a few flat bladed screwdrivers, and six cans of paint (3 Satin Oregano, 2 Flat Black, and One Gloss Sun Yellow). Pretty basic.
Power Wheels Barbie Jeep, courtesy of the free section on Craigslist.

I've been wanting to do one of these "restorations" on an old Power Wheels after seeing others that people have posted. Logged into Cl on a Saturday morning, and someone was giving this away, as well as several other kid's bikes, all in pretty beat up shape. When I got there, this was the only thing left, which was fine with me, but also spoke to this Jeep's condition.
Inside filled with six inches of leaves, dirt, worms, etc…

Grille sagging

No battery

Started unscrewing everything. All fasteners used were phillips heads of various sizes.

Stripped bolt head on seat, drilled it out and extracted it.

Both motors are there and seem to be in decent shape.

Broken down enough to access all the powertrain componenents

Bagging and tagging all fasteners and small parts.

Underside of the dash. The radio is the only thing that doesn't work.

Getting ready to remove the rear axle.

The wheels were a bit tricky to get off without mangling the tiny metal clip holding them on.

Used a small prybar to gently rock the clip off.

All broken down and ready to power wash.

Battery came, and powertrain seems to work perfectly!

Everything clean.

Future owner doing an inspection of the progress.

Getting ready for paint.

This stuff works pretty well. I've painted a few other plastic things with it, and it's fine.

After one coat of paint.

It runs!

Almost done!

Helping with final Assembly.

All done!

I used "Sun Yellow" for the lights.

Muddy approves.

With a couple other rides I fixed up for my son. All of these were obtained for free and in disrepair.

Source : cmc51377 from Reddit