condo kitchen project

Purchased a condo.. here is my kitchen project

Finished kitchen

( Sorry but I just noticed I uploaded the picture with out the faucet installed )
original kitchen

Ugly Plain and boring .. condo is from 1979 and I'm pretty sure this was the original kitchen ..

I tried to save the upper cabinets for my cousins laundry room but that idea didn't work out to well..
Clean up

looking so much better .. having a mess drives me crazy.. so I clean up everything as I'm working .. silver plate thing hanging out their is a phone line that I completely canceled ..( guess I done have a phone anymore )
everything out and gone

so when they installed the tile they worked around the cabinets .. great what am I going to do know .. ( my cabinet guy checked it out and said don't worry new cabinets will hided that ) .. yay I don't have to do anything about it ..
4 recessed lights going in

Wired everything my self so I sure hope I did it right .. tested everything and everything seams to be working 100%
Work work work

Installed a new light switch for my LED lights I want to run under cabinets .. Also Installed 4 recessed light in cealing and changed out the bulbs to LED .. you can see in this photo ( top of pic) a outlet with the wiring running thru the outside, looked horrible so I installed it properly in the wall ..
Painting time

So I didn't want to was to much time doing this so I only painted areas that would later be visible ( fridge opening … opening for dishwasher etc.. ) also never had a dish washer before so u can see I ran wiring for that as well
more painting

also only painted around visible openings .. and my outlet for my cabinets lights is in along with my outlet for the wine fridge
sink light

fairly cheap and nice looking light from lowes ( makes a huge difference )
cabinets going in

Cabinet half way in

also I added a light with to run my led lights getting installed ( right center of photos )
kitchen hardware is F*cking expensive

went to home depot to buy all the kitchen hardware stuff … priced everything while we were there and it was over $600 for everything we wanted…. NOPE that's way to much money so we left and I told my wife we would order it on amazon … Ended up talking to a neighbor that night ( construction guy ) and he said he had a ton of kitchen hardware … SCORE he let me have all this stuff FREE ( I kicked him a few 12 packs )
Cabinets face going in

This place is starting to look like a kitchen again .. oh and yes everything is soft close..
LED lights

This was a must have for me .. went on Amazon and spend about $40 buying everything I need to install the LED light strips ..
LED light under counters

The set we went with has more colors then we even need.. and for the money it was total worth it .. u can see where I ran the wiring ( back wall between the light socket .. )
Quartz going in

My wife and I couldn't agree on a countertop… so after 2 hrs at 1 store we finally went with this one .. bought 4 prefab slabs at 195$ each … ( My cuzin has a tile and stone company so he got everything msrd and cut for me )
Missing a door

when my kitchen guy measured everything he miss counted the doors .. Great now I'm missing a door .. ( he made it that night and had a door installed the next day )
Green LED lights

Installing the white subway tile

Not should in the picture but I finished off the tile with a 3/8inch stainless steel schluter from lowes

Second day of installing backsplash and its starting to look like something ..
Laying down the back splash

Tried a few different patterns.. and we decided this is what we wanted to go with ..
Starting to look like a kitchen

Next step backsplash ( had to order from Arizona tile… 5 day special order )
Final project Complete

Short backround story my wife and I Sold our first condo in san diego and made enough money to buy a smaller place cash ( and had some extra remodel money) … So my wife picked everything … custom cabinets… quarts countertops.. appl… backsplash tile .. I'm super happy with the way everthing turn out and the white subway tile kinda grew on me ( 4 x 16 in white subway tile from Arizona tile.. pretty cheap tile )
Red LED lights

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